Youtube Optimization Techniques from Matthew Liu of YouTube

? YouTube Optimization – bit.ly Learn Youtube Optimization Techniques from Matthew Liu of YouTube – Product Manager Matthew Liu of Youtube talks with ReelSEO at SES San Jose 2009 about best practices for publishing and optimizing videos for YouTube. Along with providing some important YouTube optimization techniques, Liu explains how important the community on YouTube is in terms of engaging the community and obtaining better video rankings through engagement. Matthew also provides some important best practices and tips for SEO with Youtube. Check it out and for more tips on Video SEO, visit www.reelseo.com More on this interview www.reelseo.com


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  1. Coilingtechcom says:

    this is awesome? info, youtube rankings are tough

  2. CreditCardDebt11 says:

    Thanks for sharing video? tips.

  3. mr24bd says:

    That’s what I said 😀 I have two YouTube usernames:
    TechieGeek1? and TGcommercial.
    LOL it does get? confusing 🙂

  4. melissatubman says:

    great? presentation.. congrats keep it up ..

  5. WalksThroughLife says:

    Great tips, thanks for the? video

  6. dgfsdgdfghdfgdf says:

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  7. sasanthinirmani1 says:

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  8. IamChrisLang says:

    Think about what was said in terms of a video you rent from the video store. If you fall asleep and don’t watch it all, that might not be a good indicator of quality.

    Now, if you really liked the video, well you may even watch it a second time while you have it rented.

    You are probably going tell your friends about how good it was and share your thoughts on the movie in random conversations.

    These are? what Google is using to determine the quality of your YouTube videos now. A social algo…

  9. HowToMakeMyBlog says:

    Good stuff, thanks! Have some? tips to work on now…

  10. dannyboi104 says:

    Thanks? for the great tips! Haha, I definitely changed my spammy tags.

  11. dsprans says:

    Great info, thanks for? the tips!

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