YouTube Guide – Earnings

Tutorial on how to use YouTube analytics to know how much you earn from your channel. Guides take time to make. Subscribe and say thanks in the comments make me want to make more to help people like you.
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  1. Nev Man says:

    How do? you get the money?

  2. JackFilmTube says:

    Glad you liked the video.

    This video was made while having a bad throat.
    Lot? of my videos are also done at night when people are asleep so I have to be quite and have he mic next to me.

  3. KYAJester says:

    Love the vid, hoping to start youtubing and this explained a lot. I have one suggestion though, in every video of yours I have seen so far, you breathe too heavily into? the mic, I don’t know if this is a nervous thing or just the mic too close, but either way I would suggest backing off from the mic just a bit. ( I say this out of experience, The one video I ever made Was like that)

  4. EpsGameplayPit says:

    nice video, but there’s an easier way than to use the scroll bars though..

    On the top right next to the “search for locations” box, there’s a drop down menu where you can just set it to a custom time period for which to see your earnings. it works kinda like a calender and you just click? 2 dates and it will show you what you’ve earned in between those 2 dates.

  5. SamickEdits says:

    🙂 thanks?

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