www.wpunique.com Watch me take a 4 week old blog…install WPUnique (the WordPress Unique plugin)…grab an article from the web, and GET INDEXED AND RANKING in Google within MINUTES! Autoblogging has never been so easy…or so profitable.
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  1. Jermell Heath says:

    I see everyone speaking of this plugin in somewhat of a negative way but anyway. The question is google panda? the only thing that has caught on or are there any other search engines still giving great results

  2. franklove69 says:

    If I’m not mistaken I think the latest Panda update from Google took care of this problem of WP Unique, it was fun while it lasted,but Big G caught on…
    That? explains why some peoples post go to supplemental index when using this plugin…

  3. HowToUseWordPress says:

    I have been using WP Unique for all my blogs and it? works like a charm

  4. dtrance71157 says:

    I have one question,your part 2 video shows that Google pushed down the original article into the supplementary results page (because it thinks it’s a duplicate) and pushed your copy to the top.I thought Google would recognize? both articles as unique and none would be identified as a duplicate.So the articles produced by WPUnique are not unique after all,right? If they are unique,why does Google think the original article is a duplicate?

  5. maxSEOpro1 says:

    IS wpunique still working, seems not but was hoping for? some input from you. Thanks

  6. LeraRyuu says:

    maybe because it worked and WONT work anymore, you’re just calling google stupid if you? think they can’t convert your HTML code back to text.

  7. wpunique says:

    Sorry, “my son”, but why would you comment on? “your friend”‘s experience with nothing to back it up except “your opinion”?

    As for your pointless final sentence…sheesh.

  8. LeraRyuu says:

    and of course google is always one step ahead? of you my son, do you think they can’t parse this htl codes too?

    of course wont work, and im saying that couse a friend of mine bought this plugin, and all posts got into the supplemental index..

    thanks for wasting peoples time and increasing your bank account funds…

  9. infamos says:

    Ive been doing keyword analysis for my niche but this tool looks like it will? make life alot easier.

    Do you have any results or case studies for the type of competitive keywrods youve been able to rank for?, just so I have an idea of how effective this could be.

    I think Im going to be trying this out anyway but would be greatful for any input, thanks.

  10. Xenopus69 says:

    I’m not sure if I get this right. I understand the basics of the tool. But IMO ranking and/or indexing has nothing to do with it. Also, won’t it be just a matter of time before Google “knows” this is happening and then react on that? After a? while all your hard work on your blogs will be undone cause Google de-indexed your blogs..

  11. wpunique says:


    Lol. That’s my best BBC voice! Normally I sound like a? cross between Michael Caine and Mr. Bean…

  12. kitfanc says:

    Gosh, I LOVE your accent! LOL!

    ~cj from? Warrior Forums

  13. nzdnapalm says:

    Nice one Steven, I’ll get mine running soon as I’ve watched the other videos? 🙂

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