WP Pipeline Review-DON’T BUY WP Pipeline!

This course made me USD47.30 in 14 days with 1 video. Took me just 30 mins to produce. Click here to find out more: www.top-deals-online.com NOTE: The course I presented in the above video is no more available. But I was able to discover another similar program; also priced below 10 dollars. Click this link to check it out: www.top-deals-online.com WP PIPELINE REVIEW I am recommending that you hold off on buying WP Pipeline until more reviews come in. And I mean real reviews. To me, real reviews are from those that have used WP Pipeline and tested it out for at least a couple of weeks. For any of these courses (especially in Internet Marketing) I always wait at least 1 month before buying any launch because within a month, some real reviews would have surfaced and if the course is any good, it will stand the test of time. You can save a ton of money that way. Most hyped-up launches are useless anyway. I tell you a secret….. The way some of these people make money is by promoting each others products. The most popular way is to send it to their email lists; regardless of quality of the course. I don’t think is right. In fact, most people don’t even look at the product…they just use the email the merchant gives them. I am not saying that WP Pipeline falls into that category. But it would be better to wait and see. I am hoping this video will save you money by being patient to purchase WP Pipeline. Since there are no real WP Pipeline reviews at this time when I publish
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  1. earthwealth08 says:

    Careful includes double checking the truthfulness of a video.

    Nowadays so many are self-proclaimed Robin-Hoods, and the masses applaud. But being careful means, guys, please check and research even what you see on VIDEOS LIKE THIS! It is plain completely wrong. WP Pipline is NOT a course.

    I have just been researching reviews about it online, cuz I consider buying it. And came across this vid. But this video talks about a course – while WP pipline is a BLOG MANAGMENT SOFTWARE: Video is? wrong.

  2. earthwealth08 says:

    Say what?
    Misleading the herd stuff?

    The herd instantly says YES YES YES punch it – WITHOUT THINKING!

    WP pipline is NOT a course at? all.
    This guy’s video just un-coverd him as clueless. Not someone to follow in my opinion,.

    WP pipline is a WP-Managment software – look it up. Not a stupid im-course.


  3. earthwealth08 says:

    ?? What? WP Pipline is NOT a “course”. Totally misleading. It is a TOOL.

    WP Pipline is a WordPress Content Management Software (like wp-commander and manage-wp, both are monthly subscriptions). And WP Pipline is a one time payment SOFTWARE that will help MANAGE all yr WP blogs, plugins, updates, etc. form one place.

    I understand if you piggy-back on search to promote yr own stuff. But you created a clueless video with just WRONG information.

    Not god. Not helpful.? Totally misleading others.

  4. unsimpletest1 says:

    You are right. A waste of time and? effort. Most of these courses recommend other courses or services that are expensive to maintain.

  5. peternoicadmirer says:

    Well, most courses normally comes with money back guarantee. So what is the big deal??

  6. Mala Sala says:

    Finally someone has the guts to say it.?

  7. charliebrown7861 says:

    Right on the button….this has been? going on for too long!!

  8. tefata98 says:

    I? have had it with all the Google updates. Now I am going to focus on ranking videos instead of websites. Have checked out the course you recommended.

  9. THEoHERO181 says:

    Really like the course you recommended. Ranking on Google? has become easier again.

  10. GetFreeYourViews says:

    Thanks for pointing out the “disease”? in IM. I hope there are more people like you. Just too many useless products out there!!

  11. Diane Hubert says:

    Agree totally. Have been scammed many times. ? I am very careful nowadays.

  12. Aicha Miller says:

    Thanks for the heads up. I will wait and see like? what you advise.

  13. sniper fifa says:

    I agree. Lot of the smaller courses that cost less? than 10 dollars are gems. I have found a few myself.

  14. player44player says:

    Will take your? advice.

  15. drimo938 says:

    Agree totally. I have? been scammed before!!

  16. Revoli987 says:

    You? know what is the solution? Go make your money in other niches outside IM.

  17. SuperKolco says:

    My year end resolution is to unsubscribe 80% of the emails? I receive from these so called IM experts.

  18. Crack City DVD says:

    I guess everyone is looking for a magic bullet. And the gurus know that. That is why there are still so many useless course out there.?

  19. z3rocraft4 says:

    The secret to making money online is that? there is no secret. Still hold true till today.

  20. GetFreeYourViews says:

    Agree. All of us have to be careful especially in the IM category. My advice? Just unsubcribe from those “gurus” that do nothing but keep on sending all the latest courses? that promises the world.

  21. BestOfGermanHipHop says:

    Thanks for saying it as it is. Thanks for sharing the other? course. For less than 10 dollars, I will consider.

  22. GamingCinema07 says:

    I can live with spending 15-25 dollars for each video.? Beats trying to rank using websites. Google not helping.

  23. iTzTBC says:

    Well, you? are really the NO BULL reviewer!! Thanks for sharing!!

  24. Swag2420 says:

    Waw!! Less than 10 dollars for the course and the steps are so easy to follow. Will update once I earn? some dough.

  25. MegaYeah44 says:

    Treat your? IM business like a hobby? Then you will get peanuts.

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