World population and internet growth

Video about the evolution of the world population and the internet growth. Statistical facts and numbers about the world population and internet. Research and development by infobeira.com
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  1. infobeira says:

    Thank you! I will post some? more videos soon!

  2. imarketingsoftware says:

    You have? a excellent video. Thank You for sharing. Keep it going.

  3. stasisnu18 says:

    Oh thats okay, this video is very good, many good? information anyway!! muito bom 😀

  4. infobeira says:

    Thank you! Yes i agree that sometimes it? went too fast…. I will post a new video soon…

  5. stasisnu18 says:

    great video!! i loved the fact when you said more information has been shared in recent years then in 5.000 years all together! and offcourse in the last, how many babies were born while i watched this and google searches etc 🙂 cool video, sometimes went to fast and i had to pause? it to reread it

  6. APPCENET says:

    Nice video! Great? info and stats! Thanks!

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