Windows 8 App Review – Google Chrome for Windows 8

This series features apps for windows 8, it will not only review those apps but also learn you how these apps work and give you useful tips! In this episode I show the new version of Google’s popular browser, it features a new full screen windows 8 mode, comparable to the new, ‘Windows 8 Style’ apps. Download: q.gs The theme I use for Google chrome is “Gradient”: q.gs All episodes: ——————– – Google chrome for Windows 8: q.gs – The Google search app: q.gs – Firefox for Windows 8 Preview: q.gs -…(leave your suggestions in the comments!) Series playlist: q.gs Related : ————– How to install/enable language packs in Windows 8 RTM + downloads: q.gs What you need to know about Windows 8 (series): q.gs Windows 8 tips ‘n tricks (series): q.gs Thanks to: —————– Paul Thurrott: q.gs MDL forums: q.gs Winuleaked.info: q.gs BetaArchive: q.gs “Rapid arc”(intro), “The art of gardens”(credits)and “Three Drops” by Dan-O – q.gs “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod – q.gs (all Licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”)


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  1. WhereTheyAre says:

    -Switching between interfaces without closing tabs

    -Use the same theme

    -Your extensions will work

    Those are the “PROS for using the windows 8 version”?

    Are you joking? Those are not “PROS”, they are a given.

    A “PRO” would be something that? you GAIN, not something you already have.

    Also, if one of the CONS is “same old UI”, why would anyone use this feature anyway?!

    Very confusing video.

  2. Django Groen says:

    this? is the desktop version

  3. David Carter says:

    Google Chrome/ Chrome OS is still the number one browser in the world by a long shot buddy, but I guess you didn’t know. Also, I’m guessing but windows 8 probably won’t make a dent in the Android market. Miracles do happen though, but without a cross platform browser Microsoft will never have picked up the? hammer. Go open source!

  4. tmpcox says:

    ha! good job Microsoft, google is a bad partner of Microsoft now them feel how difficult it is as a huge company has a os for: Tablet, Pc, laptop ๐Ÿ™‚ google Chrome is crap IE10 is the? best browser ever, i know IE8 and 9 are bery bad but 10 is SO GREAT!

  5. Jason Mraz says:

    Hey guys, i finely found a working video for windows 8 pro download!

  6. SailorOfTheSevenSeas says:

    Wouldn’t going full? screen on the new browser hide the battery notification for laptop users? That seems like a step back..

  7. ladynaznaz2 says:

    can someone give me the link for the advert with the laptop that made a click? noise cos i wanna get that?

  8. Micheal Somonie says:

    Hey guys, i finely found a working video for windows? 8 pro download!

  9. gt5driver1 says:

    yeah there a reason for that, which is win7? is just a awesome os by far the best os microsoft has bulit and win8 is just shit i gave win8 a solid try and it just piss me off big time why the hell are they trying to make a tablet and desktop os in one is just plain stupid.

  10. bavogames says:

    Yes, both in the desktop and metro? version

  11. Jessie Dechico says:

    Can you still use? flash with this version of chrome?

  12. CodenameBourbon says:

    LOL. Now that Firefox has updated it’s UI so it’s actually really good, I have no reason to use the Chrome.?

  13. Scuzzy Shelton says:

    so..what’s the point of enabling the metro? version if it’s nearly identical to the desktop version? as a desktop pc user, the metro style seems pointless.

  14. Casey Nate says:

    Really nice……GOOD? JOB.

  15. homers1231 says:

    why? chrome wont open for me ??

  16. TheGamerzTarget says:

    1:49 why? cant I do that?

  17. ODOSS says:

    I really don’t like the touch feeling for desktop, the Modern UI is a total fail for users like me and for the? majority of pc users

  18. Giacomo Cerquone says:

    in this moment i prefer absolutely? internet Explorer 10! Obviously it has a better support to the new Windows 8 interface!

  19. mrmarkoopl says:

    when you listen to something and you go background with browser? and for example check your mail does it mute videos in browser for you too? because i cant listen to music and play games ๐Ÿ™

  20. Yossi Jana says:

    “you can not do many things and you know it.” ?????
    Are you seriouse or some troll that never even used mac before?

    I am developer and internet marketer. I am using it for pleasure and for work as well.
    I develop Websites with it, I use it for watching movies, listen to music, reading news, and gaming as well. everything you can imagine i do with? mac.

    So from where you got this argument?
    This endless love for MS 3rd party product without even checking the competitors is the sad thing.

  21. bavogames says:

    Actually, Windows 7? recently became the most used OS in the world.

  22. dpaguero says:

    Mac is CRAP fron crApple… you can not do many things and you know it.

    Win 95 was Good… 98 SE perfect… Vista and ME … crap (like OS)

    XP still being the most used around the planet.

    7 is the BEST OS of history… absolutly…

    8 wil be good.

    1) Looks nice (no old like the crApple OSยดs shit
    2) Because there not a lot App for Metro.

    The best OS before and now. I had some crApple Macs… and moved to Windows…

    No? more crApple else.

  23. Yossi Jana says:

    Metro design is not for desktop pc’s.
    1) It looks crap with all respect. For Tablets it is nice but not for desktop PC’s.
    2) Why user must go throw Metro interface to enter the Desktop?
    3) You scroll down with a mouse in metro display and its scrolls to the left and etc.

    There OS was crap before and now it is worse.
    Used Win since? 95 – 15 years. now i am 2 years Mac user. I am sorry that i didn’t moved my self to mac earlier

    MS days gone. More and more users migrating to linux and Macs.

  24. Dino Rodriguez says:

    Why is? it crap?

  25. Yossi Jana says:

    I am really sorry for windows users that are so proud? to use this crap.

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