Why To Build Rapport Before Your Presentation

David Alan Yoho discusses how to build rapport. To learn more visit www.SuperSalesTraining.com and view our full library of web-based training videos.


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  1. benkenobisgirl says:

    Great technique! This guy is really effective! If you haven’t seen him in action be sure? you do ASAP!

  2. ChiefJohnRaintree says:

    You must be a troll. This guy’s company has the most effective and successful people teaching what they teach. You sound more like someone who received some? criticism about their old style and wants to “get even”. You probably didn’t even hire him — your company did! In all likelihood you were part of the problem and didn’t like the solution.

  3. Craig Leary says:

    David Yoho is the finest trainer in the industry. I have never left a conversation with David feeling less than motivated to be better. I also left each conversation equipped to do exactly that. The biggest challenge as a consultant is effectuating change. David? does just that. Every once in a while that might result in a bruised ego or two as illustrated by the posts below. When charging a hill there are bound to be casualties.

  4. Renewaloflongisland says:

    David Yoho? has been a consultant of ours for many years now. We feel the programs he developed have proven to be effective and by far the most productive for our company. Their programs add integrity to the home improvement industry.

  5. David Moore says:

    David Yoho has done great work for us on and off for many years. The nasty comments written about him below are not true from our experience with him, as well as many others that I know. I would encourage anyone to speak to any of David’s hundreds of? clients to understand the great, positive impact he has had on many people and companies over the year.

  6. Mark Watson says:

    I’ve had great success working with Dave Yoho Associates.? The ideas shared in this video couldn’t be more relevant to our industry and addresses the true meaning of rapport building.

  7. Fiesty Fury says:

    Mr. Yoho may be good at selling himself but, he’s a terrible trainer. He doesn’t take criticism well, and he attacks people. He tells inappropriate stories that offended many females in my group. His Scripts are very dated which may work in KY but doesn’t work well at all a large city. He reminds me of some 1970’s? siding door to door salesman. You would know what I’m talking about in the first five minutes of speaking to him because,? he cannot go that long without one of is stupid? stories.

  8. kim son says:

    When you try to tell him something may not be working he attacks you and doesn’t work with you at all.? He’s a megalomanic to put it lightly. Always selling himself instead of doing his job. He actually offended many females in our call center. I would not hire him.

  9. kim son says:

    This guy may have some knowledge in some sales realm but, not in Telemarketing. He’s ruined our call centers numbers. His scripts are terrible. They are old school? and have phrases in them that sound phony and have been used over and over. They may work in podunk KY but, not in the big city where people are a little bit more hip to telemarketers.

  10. jasonsluck1 says:

    Excellent? Video David

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