Why Does Being Online Matter?

Learn how the Internet can help you connect with potential customers and how e-commerce sites and social networks can help you establish your business on the web.
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  1. YounGuru333 says:

    without judgement it is always a good resource for sharing those experience(doesnt mean you have to agree) connecting all people as one world wide web. The negative side is to not get to caught into this virtual world for it can become an isolation of physical social experiences which are just as important. The objective is to master binding the two. Also there are some who cannot read write but who can use there ears as eye’s or eye’s as ear’s so its also a good resource for the? impaired.

  2. YounGuru333 says:

    All things have their negatives and positives such as the internet for ex. The internet is an great resource for social networking worlwide for anyone with computer access no matter where they are within the world can share their knowledge wisdom understanding and experiences. Their is no such thing as a dummy for lack of a? better word for their is no new knowledge and each individual/person has their own unique experiences in which someone always knows something u dont and vice versa….

  3. imarketingsoftware says:

    Very informative video and i’m really happy to have watched it. Great work. Thanks? for sharing.

  4. jennyeva47 says:

    Here is the exact kind of video information I’m in need? of, really? appreciate your help

  5. eva jenny says:

    I have no? words for this great and awesome video on SEO Services. Keep update us and thanks to u………..

  6. ulysse38 says:

    I love? Google

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