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www.YourMarketingProfessor.com. Video provides an introduction to what is the Marketing Mix and the 4Ps. It is intended for marketing and business students or anyone interested in learning about the foundations of Marketing. For more information, including lessons on internet and social media marketing, visit YourMarketingProfessor.com. What is the Marketing Mix script In this lesson we are going to talk about what is the marketing mix. The Marketing Mix at a basic level is simply an organizational framework. It is a framework that helps marketers to consider all aspects needed to satisfy customer needs. One of the most commonly used marketing mix frameworks is referred to as the 4Ps. The 4Ps are made up of Promotion, Price, Product and Place. As you can see each of these subcategories begins with a P — hence the name the 4Ps. As mentioned, the marketing mix is an organizational framework. So, what this is saying is that we as marketers have to look at each one of these subcategories in detail to develop a comprehensive overall strategy. In-other-words, If you have the best product in the word, but you don’t have appropriate pricing, promotion (or communication) and place (or distribution) strategies to go along with your product strategy, the product probably won’t be successful. And, visa versa. In a future video we will discuss what specific issues are included in each of the 4Ps. Another way to think about the marketing mix or the 4Ps is that these are the levers


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