What is a Blog? (I Give Clear Explanation!)

What is a Blog – What is Blog – What are Blogs – Click the Link below! http://chrismccann.co/go/3-minute-website-creation/ What is a Blog – What is Blog – Wh…


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  1. Nimath Shaduly says:

    U look like? Taylor Launter



  3. MsZoeishere says:

    i’ve just started a youtube channel would really appreciate if anyone checked it? out 😀

  4. Chris McCann says:

    Happy? to help! 🙂

  5. Luz Delgado says:

    Thanks for the explanaion :)?

  6. Chris McCann says:

    Glad you liked it 🙂 and cool, best of? luck that sounds interesting!

  7. jarmi182 says:

    I’ve been fascinated by blogs too for many years. This is good brief explanation? 😉 My field of study is stylistics; My first (bachelor) thesis was about public blogs and my master thesis (I am working on it right now) is trying to explain what is happening with blog, as genre of writing, right now. I mean even journalists are writing their blogs now, really interesting, don’t you think? At the beginning, blogs were for “other people” with no other possibility, but now? Everybody is blogging! 🙂

  8. Chris McCann says:

    Get a hosting package => then download? WordPress (dot) org onto that hosting for the win!

  9. Sammy Karamakov says:

    What website do you advise beginners to use?
    I was thinking about writing one and I’m? not quite sure where to go..
    and the tutorial was great (:

  10. Chris McCann says:

    You bet, happy to? help!

  11. Roger Flemming says:

    Very helpful. I am very new to blogging and forums. I was trying to figure out the difference between blogs and forums but I? think they are very similar. Thank you for the excellent information.

  12. JG Garcia says:


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    “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” N. Hill
    Respectfully, Jose Garcia

  13. Chris McCann says:

    Glad? it helped!

  14. Chris McCann says:

    Glad it helped!?

  15. Chris McCann says:

    Glad it helped!?

  16. Chris McCann says:

    Thanks for stopping by Rob, I definitely agree!?

  17. Chris McCann says:

    Thanks, glad it helped!? 🙂

  18. Nihar Ranjan Sahoo says:

    its really good advice for people.? I like it very much. Its great video.

  19. Rob Fore says:

    Thank you, Chris for the basic explanation. A lot of? people come online without any clue what the difference is between a blog and a static site. I’m still seeing people pay big bucks for a static site and have to wonder why?

  20. bryanjr11 says:

    TYPE IN – Core King-Bryan Clemons. Those one are, one leg bottle push? ups are insane!!!!

  21. Pradeep Bhagwat says:

    In my opinion Blogging is all about consistency and passion.? If you have both you are going to become successful.

  22. Sridhar R says:

    very nicely? explained.

  23. Chris McCann says:

    Glad it helped!?

  24. doc andy says:

    great? video very clear – thanks for posting.

  25. achok osindi says:

    it clear and fine i like? it

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