What Camera To Use For Online Video… And Other Bits Of Essential Equipment

RapidVideoBlogging.com This is a video I made especially on request from ClickBank. It shows you all the bits of equipment I recommend you use for creating your own high quality online videos. There are two more videos coming up in the series, so make sure you keep watching this space… Stay visible! Gideon Shalwick
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  1. LePumpkins says:

    Hey youtubers. We? have a goal to reach 100 subs in this week. So we would really appreciate your help. And we will gladly watch your channel and maybe subscribe:). THANK YOU!

  2. BBOY6Infinity says:

    I Was? Watching This Video And I Remembered That My Sister Got A Cannon 550 D For Her Birthday

  3. trishptg says:

    Thank you for this video. I have been having trouble knowing what to look for and this really helped! Now, see if I can afford it all:) Anyway, you have a great soothing & pleasant voice. Love the accent & it didn’t seem like a phony sales pitch, but down to earth. What a relief to watch something I can understand also. So many talk over your head like you designed the things. Quite frustrating. My best to? you..Trish

  4. Joe Rotella says:

    What camera(s) would you suggest for making LIVE videos (streaming) through say Google Hangouts on Air, Ustream, Livestream or Linqto?

    I watched your video on selecting a camera, but that seemed to be for recorded videos which are edited and then hosted.

    I’ve got to do a streaming presentation in 2 weeks and my webcam (Microsoft LifeCam 1080p HD) is OK…but I think a camera with an? external microphone jack (like the ones you used for recorded videos) would be better.

  5. Pîrvulescu GoalChannel says:


  6. lovenmerc says:

    do you have to have hd? video to use sony vegas?

  7. mybestfeature says:

    Very? informative.

  8. Darshan Miller says:


  9. teatreeoil2011 says:

    My video on trick photography sits nicely with your video.? It doesn’t cost the earth to produce gripping technique

  10. Chinnifam says:

    Gideon, you did amazing job. You should get TV show job pretty soon or might land into big contract to promote products. you didn’t show which external microphone set you have used for your rebel T2i. Now I’m? checking websites and found T3i on amazon. Then went onto Canon website and found T4i. advertising higher ISO . They are releasing camaras faster than I learn from your videos 🙂

  11. Rev. Akasha Lonsdale says:

    Really informative and just what I needed -? thank you. Also the visual/sound quality is one of the best of all your videos so far.

  12. Golden HaZe says:

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  13. Golden HaZe says:

    Chek out my? channel plese

  14. hardcorefierysoul says:

    where can you get the canon t2i rebel 550D? Any? shops or online websites you know of?

  15. Christopher Torrea says:

    Does the Flip? Ultra HD come with an external microphone jack?

  16. Gideon Shalwick says:

    Thanks? so much!

  17. VikramOnlineBiz says:

    Also, very nice style of presentation…really liked the way you presented all the pertinent information. A little bit more on? tripods (at the end) might have been useful.

  18. VikramOnlineBiz says:

    Extremely useful information!? And very good quality videos on your entire channel!! Thanks a ton ~ Greetings from India…all the way Down Under! 🙂

  19. Carter Lamere says:

    Hey everyone,
    Check out my channel to see how working from home is helping? me!
    Awesome Video by the way!

  20. moistattackcrew says:

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  21. king4916 says:

    This was very helpful.? Thanks.

  22. Mark McCulloch says:


    All I can bring myself to say is what an? awesome video!

    Really enjoyed watching the excellent content

    Will be back again soon for more


  23. arturgulinski says:

    u can? use Mirillis Action to record your desktop… camera have always worse quality

  24. Gideon Shalwick says:

    Hehehe – not sure about how much YouTubers make from views. It seems to vary depending on what? kind of content you have and also the kind of ads that get served on your videos. It’s a bit of a mystery to be honest – perhaps YouTube has it somewhere on their site, but it’s readily available – not from what I have seen at least!

  25. doseofreality100 says:

    My suspicions were correct. haha. Keep up the good work man. Pretty informative stuff you got going on here. ? Is it true Youtuber’s make about $2 per 1000 views?

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