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www.Leads4Contractor.comSocial Media Consulting for Remodeling Contractors Website Advertising Sacramento Advertising Your Website Lee Noring (800) 311-7752 www.youtube.com Advertising is one of the largest expense of most Business marketing plans and largest combined expense for most profitable companies. Generating traffic: Depending on the results you require, advertising your website may be as simple as placing a ppc (pay per click) text ad online, or it may involve a much more complicated process including developing several different ad variations, split testing, competitive analysis, and a whole lot more. The Old Media Advertising isn’t doing the job any more! You may have tried many different media types in the past that don’t seem to work as well as they once did. Print ads, billboard advertising, direct mail, radio and television advertising are all great ways to get the word out about your product or service, but for many companies the return on investment just isn’t what it used to be. Marketing is not simply the placement of the advertisements, but the action of designing and initializing a campaign to deliver the intended message no matter what type of media is involved. Whether it be a simple or complicated a process, it is important to remember advertising is only a piece of the marketing puzzle. You may have heard the internet is the way to go in order to get more customers, more sales, more profits and more of everything you want. Great. But… How do
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