Webfire Review — Can You Guarantee First Page Rank with Google, Yahoo and Bing?

Webfire Review www.familyunlimitedopp.com Can You Guarantee First Page Rank with Google, Yahoo and Bing? Webfire was created by Shawn Casey & Brian Koz and is a set of 25 tools that are touting guarantees of first page ranking of content with Google, Yahoo and Bing. So is this a truly outrageous claim or, a serious Internet marketing tool every marketer should have? Here is a simple and unbiased review of webfire from Mike Filsaime. Webfire in review is a good program with 25 of the most simple tools to help you build a presence online and traffic. However, most of what it does can be done through much of the FREE platforms and programs already available online today. Learn to create solid content, a good blog and make sure you are connected socially and you should be just fine online for traffic generation even without Webfire. http
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  1. davejames04 says:

    Like I said, it is? a good piece of software that could be used, or not, either way. =)

  2. navtaj chandhoke says:

    brilliant ideas, workable,? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Jason Barbier says:

    I just wanted to say thanks for creating this video! I just bought this a couple of days ago and? i wanted to see if it was a legitimate software to use. So i’m gonna give it a try and see for myself. Thanks again!

  4. davejames04 says:

    The only issue is is that SEO is fading, at least the major aspects of it. Recent changes to Google will back this up.? The only real issue I have here is that if I can rank twice on a page for the webfire review, why should I have to buy and continually pay for something I do not need?

  5. davejames04 says:

    It’s there, it should be even without the software if there is any good content.?

  6. Ashes Aiden says:

    yep selling his product…. which what? we all want to do.

  7. Ashes Aiden says:

    i like this video, makes alot of valid points but Im stilling using Webfire, cause what Im using it for is get the top sites in keywords, then post my site, and actually it does work, any review that posts their site? to buy their product, smart way of doing it, you paying them.

  8. davejames04 says:

    That was my thoughts too…=)?

  9. blahooti says:

    if it really works wy when I google ” Get First Page On Google ” there is? not any sign of this damn webfire !!!!!!!!!!!

  10. davejames04 says:

    Glad I could answer any questions. Now? I do not have all the answers, but from what I see that the software offers, you could get the same results through free plugins within WordPress and other lower cost plugins and software…=)

  11. davejames04 says:

    Thanks Jason. I do like parts of the program, but there are many parts that can be implemented with the right? plugins within WordPress anyways.

  12. SuperJASONFLYNN says:

    Great review….saw the guy’s who created Webfire in London this week at Business 2012 giving a presentation. They? impressed me with what it could do. They were offering a one off deal to sign up. But I held back to do more research. Thanks, this video has answered a few questions.

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