Web Video Production – Four Quick And Easy Ways To Create Amazing Online Videos

www.RapidVideoBlogging.com In my new video, I share four ways of web video production for your business. Check this out and find out which option best fits your own situation, style and budget in creating online videos. Please don’t forget to leave your comments after watching. Gideon Shalwick You Can Also Follow Me Here Personal Blog: GideonShalwick.com Facebook facebook.com Twitter: twitter.com
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  3. pavanpkc says:

    This is my channel (HollywoodHungama) plz check the videos in channel? & plz tell me this videos violates YT terms & condition..plz plz plz

  4. ehsgsni says:

    how can i make a video where the person talking the in the video interacts with the background.. objects ?? like a? person pushing some object ( from another video clip) ??

    Thanks & regards

  5. CollegeStudentMatt says:

    Fantastic video Gideon! I loved? the Rapid Video Blogging ebook! Great stuff!

  6. JackyMoondo says:

    Check out my YouTube? channel at Jackymoondo (:(:(:

  7. GOLD0R4K says:

    He mean your videos are? the PERFECTION.

  8. designlogik says:

    Great look at video production for the beginner. I like how you? used the pictures to help anchor the message. Well done!

  9. djron16 says:

    thanks for the info !?

  10. raysdk says:

    How did you get that text effect at? 3:28? That looked amazing!

  11. Ryidog60 says:

    check out my? channel for a way to make money 🙂

  12. FindingLivvey says:

    I am confused about Screenflow. Would this replace iMovie and are you doing all those fancy graphics using Screenflow or are you producing them in some other program and? importing them? Very curious.

  13. eZangaInc says:

    Animations can be intimidating at first but you might want to check out creativecow . net as a? great resource for motion graphics and basic animation. You will need specific software to achieve different goals. Some recommended ones are Adobe After Effects and Apples Motion. Hope that helps.

  14. eZangaInc says:

    Hey not sure exactly what software he uses but we use Adobe After Effects for all of our motion graphics. You might want to do a quick google search of video copilot. He offers a? free basic training course on it.

  15. alekei says:

    Hi Gideon! What software do you use to create the cool animations of titles and images beside you on the video? Any tutorial? on that? Thanks!

  16. therealcanyon says:

    Haha yeah (: I realized that after? I saw your white screen video

  17. GideonShalwick says:

    It’s actually just a white screen. Green screen is for the? weather man on the telly…

  18. ryansteinolfson says:

    Gideon… one of the methods you mentioned was to outsource to another country and the downside that you listed was that it was hard to transfer the large? video file sizes however it is been my experience that with products like drop box and send it that this challenge has been overcome. Let me know your thoughts

  19. shanejohnston2 says:

    Great video Gideon! Do you have? a video on how to edit in the great graphic animations and text you have on your whitescreen chroma-key?

  20. therealcanyon says:

    If that is a green? screen…. -___-

  21. therealcanyon says:

    Man, green screen? PERFECTION.

  22. CALMSH1T says:

    Can u please post the turtorial of “how to make video? like this”?

  23. baliko2007 says:

    You forget the? mic! What mic are you using?

  24. Outsourcinglive says:

    Gideon’s video editor uses Adobe After Effects. It’s? an awesome software. My video editor uses something similar – Adobe Premier Pro, which has a few extra options. Both are there for creating those special effects.

  25. Outsourcinglive says:

    Hey Gideon, I like how you mentioned about outsourcing at the end in comparison to hiring a local student to edit your videos. I think if you pay a little more for monthly bandwidth with a full time video editor in the Philippines you are still ahead. E.g say you pay $300 per month for a video editor + $50 for Internet, it would still be? only $350 per month. A student for at least part time per month would be around $1,000. Outsourcing is still the way to go in my opinion.

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