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The benefits of Video SEO with 99moves. Provide 99moves with either a video file or a URL to an existing video. We then work together with you to analyse your brand and target audiences search behaviour to find your trophy key phrase. With a mixture of proven video seo techniques and years of experience, we will whizz up a strategy to ensure your video reaches the number 1 position on Google and other target search engines and video sites. Your video will be position 1 for your trophy key phrase on Google and other major search engines and video sites – visually exposing your brand identity to your target audience. www.99moves.com Number one in VSEO


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  1. in99moves says:

    @Zoshu13 Hi, The song is by ‘Daniel Gautreau’ and the track name is ‘Sun Rise’ it’s production music, but you can buy it from Audio Network.

  2. Zoshu13 says:

    what song is this?

  3. sammyally says:

    Nice video, you really get the benefits of video seo across, I have been promoting this marketing medium for a while because it can be really beneficial.

  4. aimeezeta says:

    this is the first video seo service offering I have seen. I like the way it is presented.

  5. Ltgig says:

    Video SEO is definitely emerging as one of the best ways to promote a brand or product. Great video.

  6. henerswaterfall says:

    Nice video. Video SEO, umm sounds like an interesting concept. I really like the beating heart.

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