View Count Frozen Or Stuck? Question Answered!

boxfer.com ? Click here to Fix your view count Why is my viewcount frozen? At YouTube, we try to maintain a positive user experience and be fair to both partners and advertisers by algorithmically validating views of all videos. This means that if views from a video are considered artificially inflated — whether as a result of spam, malware bots and other suspicious or non-user initiated actions — the video and/or channel may be suspended. Recently, we’ve seen a rise in creative agencies and vendors that claim to increase subscribers and/or views while complying with the YouTube Terms of Service. For most of these companies, those claims are false; the purchase or gaming of subscribers, views or any other channel feature is a violation of our Terms of Service. If detected, it may have the opposite effect and hurt your campaign, because the behavior could result in the suspension of your account. Remember that not every video playback counts as a view. Playbacks that do not begin with a click on the native YouTube player typically do not count as a ‘view’ because user-initiated clicks are more representative of the kind of interaction the viewcount is intended to measure. Why is my viewcount frozen? YouTube employs proprietary technology to prevent the artificial inflation of a video’s viewcount by spam bots, malware and other means. We validate views to ensure the accuracy of the viewcount of all videos beginning with the first view. This validation process becomes
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