Video SEO Training UK Workshops – from Mark Robertson, Dave Holland & Carla Marshall

www.videoseotraining.co.uk July 12th 2012 London UK Mark Robertson of http is visiting the UK for the first time to speak to the needs of Brand Marketers, Online Marketers, Video Marketers as they strive to better understand the the dynamics of video, media and marketing AIM OF THE DAY: To equip each attendee with all the core essential knowledge and process skills to activate successful and cost effective ONLINE VIDEO MARKETING CAMPAIGNS. Mark Robertson is one of the world’s leading experts on video SEO and video marketing and will share his latest insights, tips and reviews of YouTube, Google, Social Networks and other recommended online platforms for getting your videos found, watched and shared. This will include his personal tips and techniques that you will not find published elsewhere. The day will be divided into 6 interactive workshops. Each workshop will involve detailed ‘hands-on’ activity to assist in learning retention. This will be a day of ‘theory in practice’ with solid knowledge-based take ways and tools for ongoing success. You will get the best from the day if you bring a Laptop to connect to our high-speed WIFI – to access YouTube and Google, and any real case studies or campaigns that you have questions about. Each Session will include a set of ‘Take – Aways’ : Slides, PDF Templates and check lists that can be rebranded for internal stake holder or client use. You will receive a full set of Presentation Slides from the day for personal study use and


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  2. VoiceOverVideoStudio says:

    Yes I Love this and look forward to? being with you on Thursday Guy’s…

  3. doodackydood1 says:

    A really useful and well produced video – I will definitely be at the workshop. Will you? be doing more videos?

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  5. vidmeupcom says:

    great video very? well done!

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