Use ArcTools to Install Android Market and Apps on your Archos (101/70/43/32/28) Internet Tablet

See article www.arctablet.com This short video explains how to Install Google Market and Applications (Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Flash) on your Archos Internet Tablet (models 101/70/43/32/28). It just takes 5 easy steps and 5 minutes of time. Please visit www.arctablet.com for more tutorials and fresh Archos Tablets news. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post in this video comments.


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  1. DudeJustWhy says:

    i would like to know if that will work on archos 43 tablet and more importantly if i really? have to reset my device.. i have many things on it and its gonna delete them all.. things i cant really have a copy of.. like apps and other stuffs.

  2. galaxymarko7 says:

    thanks mann….:D 😀 😀 😀 😀 :D? 😀

  3. arctablet says:

    Please check our website (link in the video description? for the details on flashing a firmware on the Archive 7 HT).

  4. qaiserumer says:

    i have archos 7 inch home tablet when i install arctools after that 1 option come that install app and reboot when i press? that button but i cant install

  5. ymapfel says:

    I have an Archos 101 running android 2.4.83. In Arctools, which version of “Market” do I download? 3.0.26?? 3.3.4? Or 2.2.7? Thanks!

  6. Jordan Rogers says:

    do you? have to pay for what you download ?

  7. julien vauchel says:

    thanks you?

  8. Robert Curran says:

    What about archos 7 home tablet?

  9. arctablet says:

    That won’t work on the 80 Cobalt yet, we may provide an update in the future.
    If you are looking to add root to your Cobalt, check our forum in the? 80 Cobalt sections where we have a custom firmware available.

  10. skibdib says:

    I have a archos 80 cobalt 8 gb will that work .
    My? setting r different from yours I went on ur website but just told me info about this tablet but not if it could be jail broken
    So just give me a quick yes or no waiting for reply

  11. Leann Wilkens says:

    I have Archos 7 c and searched for ArcTools? in appslib and came up with nothing.

  12. Jennifer Carter says:

    thanks 🙂

  13. TeamSquidward says:

    thank you,? helped allot.

  14. Marvin Guemon says:

    Hi duude? , i just wanted to thank you for this tut that was so helpful

  15. CycleSupreme Doncaster says:

    brilliant? thank you!

  16. Pat Sean says:

    thank u sooo much much. all the other ppl n sites tryin to tell me how to get my playstore bak n not a bit of help. ur amazing. been tryin for 2 weeks to get my archos 43 tab fixed and thanks to u i got it.? 10000000 times thank u!!!@!!!

  17. Tarabulus2009 says:

    Thanks, I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to get youtube? to work on my prestigio 7100c / archos 101, now I can, big thanks

  18. Lisa Young says:

    Can you install google now on the archos 80 g9 tablet??? Thank? you!!

  19. nickhawkins2 says:

    Thank you Thank? you Thank you

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  21. Erika Bowles says:

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  23. sadian23 says:

    Im install another market, better? then android market, is google play

  24. arctablet says:

    Unfortunately the? Archos 5 tablet isn’t currently supported in ArcTools.

  25. sadian23 says:

    Y search in appslib and nothing appears, i got the Archos 5.

    i dont reset it because? i dont find the reset button.

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