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www.easyonlinevideotips.com Are you tired and frustrated of YouTube videos taking soooo long to upload? For me, video uploading was the slowest part of my online video creation process and it was driving me nuts! I wasn’t the only one apparently. My friend Shelly Allen was frustrated…


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  1. hanimourra says:

    Thanks? LadyBizBiz! Sometimes it is the small things that make a big difference.


  2. hanimourra says:

    Hmmm..what was the original file? format you were trying to convert? Please make sure that you install the free quicktime from quicktime [dot] com.


  3. LadyBizBiz says:

    Thanks Hani, this has been one of the best tips ever!? Really impressive.

  4. DCkid2468910 says:

    I Converted my video to? mp4 it was from 1.2GB to 1.5 MB, Though my screen is black while playing. Got any ways i can fix this?

  5. LokiiLokii LokiiLokii says:

    How come it does not work on me? when I finished converting my video? into mp4 and I try to play it all I see is black screen?
    my video file? was AVI.. the program I used to record is Debut Video Capture Software..
    I’m? freaking out XDD

  6. hanimourra says:

    Hmmm…I just tried Googling “Frap to MP4” and found some? free converters. Give them a shot. If the file is too big, try converting that MP4 using this tool to see if that shrinks the file size down and makes your YouTube upload faster.

  7. Weddo98 says:

    Help when i want to put? my fraps gameplay video it only turns white no picture,and when i convertit to mpeg,when finished the video is fully black,what do i do

  8. hanimourra says:

    It works really well? with MOST file formats…the only exception so far is WMV (Windows Media Format).

  9. Gudda1238 says:

    does this actually? work?

  10. xXBXxvids says:

    im not sure but i stopped trying, im? just going to record shorter videos.

  11. battlenavi42 says:

    Thank you i? will try that soon

  12. hanimourra says:

    Oh..got it. WMV format is a bit tricky and doesn’t play? well with MPEGStreamClip. The alternative is to use a free software from polaris-software[dot]com called “One Click Video to MP4”

  13. battlenavi42 says:

    Windows? live movie maker.

  14. hanimourra says:

    I’m not familiar? with the mwv format. Which software do you use to create the mwv?

  15. hanimourra says:

    How much faster is it after? using MPEGStreamClip?

  16. hanimourra says:

    No problem…I’ll add it? now.

  17. battlenavi42 says:

    I’m using mwv and i used the right converter? and it said error unknowen file type

  18. xXBXxvids says:

    my 2 hour video took a fucking day to upload then my computer turned off!!!!?

  19. sebastianblevdet says:


  20. sebastianblevdet says:

    but links in? the description?

  21. hanimourra says:

    Give a shot after converting it with the MPEGStreamClip? software let us know how much improvement there is

  22. iDeviceHelpsTV says:

    my 2 minute video takes 439 minutes? to upload…..youtube is insane.

  23. hanimourra says:

    @TheoldMadGaMer My? pleasure

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