Tony Rush Starts From Scratch With No List and Earns $300000 in 10 Months with Empower Network!

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  1. William Burdine says:

    You know when you meet a ‘Legend’ of a Stage guy, you can’t help but to wonder, is he really genuine, does he really care, does he really help other…. So I cornered him in San Diego and spoke to him and his lovely wife Jessica. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL. They? really encourage people to step out of their comfort zone and believe in themselves. All I have to say is Thanks Tony Rush for the amazing inspiration.

  2. Matt Brun says:

    Love Tony, so down to earth.?

  3. Jp Argentino says:

    If it wasn’t for a casual meetup with Peter I would have never took the steps necessary to change my life for good. The old saying of when the the student is ready the teacher will appear is a reality? right now. Thanks Peter!

  4. Joshua Bishop says:


  5. Kesha Parker says:

    This interview is great, especially for those that are seasoned network marketers and business owners because there comes a time when you are numb, burned out and may have hit a plateau…Empower Network and Team Massive? Action is refreshing…changes the perspective and gives them a more simplistic way to maximize and leverage time & money!

  6. Rizala Carrington says:

    Tony Rush + Empower Nework = un$toppable
    love this program, and team #TMA totally helps you? get to the level of Tony

  7. Scott Herrera says:

    Tony is another regular guy that took massive action and the results speak for? them selves.

  8. James Richardson says:

    Tony Rush, what a guy. Great video TMA,? you freakin rule

  9. owengrahamtv says:

    Tony R has the goods… Proof of what’s possible..Helped me make over $1000/monthly residual..Thanks for? sharing.

  10. John Freitag says:

    I enjoy listening to Tony Rush in a? lot of the training videos and Power Hour calls!!

  11. RJ Bulaong says:

    Boom! THis is the man right here right now. Just got off the inner circle call and listened to one authentic money making machine that is Tony Rush. This? guy also makes some sexy videos. But, I love his authenticity. His story is great – the fact that he started from scratch.

  12. Judd Humpherys says:

    My son knows Tony Rush personally. He has given me a great? reference to his success and it is nice to meet him by video. Chris thanks for putting these interviews together. I am sharing these with many of my friends. I think they will like the.

  13. Nicole Mazer says:

    Thanks? TTMA

  14. zbyszekization says:

    Tony Rush is my favorite audio in the inner circle. share me a piece of pie. 🙂 thanks to cris r. and dave and dave…?

  15. Kyle T. Garrett says:

    Canon T4i w/ a 1.8? 50mm lens and audio, Rode VideoMic Pro.

  16. empowersmb says:

    Good? Video! Empower is very powerful!

  17. Nat Green says:

    Great story by Tony. The video was very well edited as well. What camera did you use to shoot? this?

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