Tips for Taking Product Photos for Your E-commerce Web Site

Mumau Web Marketing’s first episode of its video gives you tips on product photography. Simple, well-lit shots will showcase the products you are selling online in a way that really makes them “pop.” Visit our blog at www.mumauwebmarketing.com for more information about our web marketing services.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. NCNatureNews says:

    0:08 Im using the exact same red mouse in the? background! I just had to tell everybody that 🙂

  2. tekfrank says:

    My DSLR camera can tape up to 18 millions pixels but I guess that it’s stupid to take so heavy photos to reduce them later, so will the result be the same if I take VGA quality? (screen quality) photos ? Thank you.

  3. Peppe Renit says:

    What if you only have? a htc camera phone? looks like you are using a professional camera.
    need to get products on my web site & video, and slideshow. Help!

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