Time Management Strategies and Tips

TrishMullen.com – Do you procrastinate? Do you avoid the jobs you know you must do but are outside of your comfort zone? Here I explain the 80 rule of time management + a simple strategy to help keep you focussed.


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  1. BenMur777 says:

    Thank you? for posting this video :

  2. megawealth1 says:

    Thank you Kevin and I agree,? we do need to adopt the 80/20 rule also with our schedules and calendar, thanks for commenting, appreciate it.

  3. kraubrey says:

    Great post! These tips are very effective in getting an effective time management system put in place and will yield IMMENSE results in your business and personal life. In addition to streamlining your to do list, I suggest you optimize your schedule and calendar as well.?

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