The Wizard of Vlog (YouTube Band, Google Canada, and More Crying)

Week 18 April 27, 2011 – May 3, 2011 ApprenticeA Productions — MONDAY VIDEO: (May 2, 2011) ‘Crying’: www.youtube.com — Our Mailing Address!: Corey Vidal 2-610 Ford Dr. Suite #250 Oakville, ON, Canada L6J 7W4 T-Shirts and Hoodies! www.districtlines.com Dailybooth…
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  1. TheZarbang says:

    The finished crying video is the best, and for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, watch it with subtitle. Shannon did? an amazing job.

  2. ageyd says:

    Still luscious Corey!?

  3. xobrokencrayons says:

    Why is the crying video privated???

  4. natvanya says:

    sad.. i wanted to watch the crying video but? it’s private… sad

  5. BenMur777 says:

    Thank? you for posting this video :

  6. Sierra Baker says:

    nice crying lol?

  7. goodyshare says:

    Bless the fagits,? cuz they are so funny…. Aren’t jew already laughing???… Excusejew me while I puke this guy..

  8. kitchenflails says:

    “What’s? up?”
    “I’m good, how are you?”
    “That’s not what I asked.”
    “Doesn’t matter.”

  9. kitchenflails says:

    I’m pretty sure the E-Trade babies are not viral? videos. Silly woman.

  10. chipmunk51793 says:

    Corey has extremely luscious hair :]

  11. nataliieasdf says:

    Yes Corey, your hair is very luscious. and I think you should? get a kitten for Shannon!

  12. kymikoyoshida7 says:

    yes, your hair is very luscious Corey? ;D lol

  13. drawingshadows says:

    0:22 And I speak in abote 3 minutes.? haha

  14. Sarah Shaw says:

    idk? about ur hair corey, but that mustache is lucsious…XD

  15. Katie D says:

    Herbal Essences wants Corey’s? luscious hair in their commercials

  16. HappyHeathery says:

    Yes, very luscious hair! Nice dimple too? 😉 and Shannon, you could use one of those cute cute kittens in the office. Cute and awesome animals always boost the views and likes! Actually that’s why I clicked on this video; because of the cute kitten as the video thumbnail. Anyways, as I said before, I agree Corey, you do have luscious hair.

  17. Rachelw says:

    Let Shannon keep? a kitty!

  18. jongmagee says:

    the chick with the glasses reminds me of MEEKAKITTY

    thats a? good thing lol

  19. Adam Normand says:

    The kitties were so small! They? weren’t even the size of Corey’s foot! Why can’t they stay that cute all the time?

  20. gregage09 says:

    Corey, You have? the most luscious hair I have ever seen!! 😀

  21. Nogarf says:

    Eh… Youtube is his job, he has to take it? seriously…

  22. nevermindmybuisness says:

    Hahah I Feel Like I Just Got? Rick Rolled

  23. CoreyCanadian says:

    YAY Canada!!!?

  24. BizkitProductions says:

    DUDE… what happened? to your videos?

    They are all so lame and geeky now.

    Maybe you need to STOP taking youtube so seriously?

  25. PirateScoundrel says:

    Its so lush, I beg to question your choice of? shampoo and conditioner.

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