The Truth about Empower Network

Empower Network Truth not everyone will make money at this but the person who has the desire to change their circumstances can. www.youtube.com Debbie’s site is www.empowerdebbie.com and my personal site is http Do you earn 100% commissions from the products that you promote or from your Network Marketing company? For most people the answer is no. Let me ask you another question….would you like to earn 100% commissions on a product that sells itself, plus be given the tools and platform needed to sell it? Good deal huh? One of the most effective ways to make fast, consistent and easy cash online, recruit more people into your business and get a lot of ‘pull’ in the online MLM industry is to set up your own blog and post regular content to it. Then you want to SEO the heck out of it so that your stuff pops up on Google page 1 for loads of different ‘search phrases’. I know that this method works extremely well as the founders has used it in their own businesses, in nine months they were able to bring in over 6000 leads and sponsor over 400 people into my business. Basically it’s pretty easy to do and without making a load of outbound calls. There are challenges that you need to overcome in order to make this work for you. However with the Empower Network you can forget about any technical stuff and have everything done for you, plus you will be earning instant commissions paid straight into your bank account, oh and they will also be 100% commissions. Would you think


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  1. gazakam1kaze says:

    How many mw3 people actually liked this.??. Was she trying to wink at me….? i dunno. Let me watch again and count. Nope, she was sending a subliminal message not to join.

  2. gazakam1kaze says:

    Sorry.? Penna. Lol i caught the bug

  3. gazakam1kaze says:

    Nice? oenna…. lol

  4. masumurp11 says:

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  6. MulchnStolz says:

    You made? me lol so hard!

  7. PennaPlanum says:

    You are saying? EmPIRE. The word is pronounced emPOWER. Do you also pronounce the word shower, SHIRE? Flower becomes FLIER? Do you call the Twin Towers the Twin Tires?
    How did you get Empire out of Empower? And nobody has even said anything. This is the first time anybody ever mentioned the huge mispronunciation? Empire Noot Wok. This is a Groyt Eeks Plow Narshun abott Umpire Natwank.

  8. TheTime4money says:

    Mmm most people have to wait 30 days or more just to see any kind of money. I dropped out of empwer network because I found a new company that pays a lot better & faster. There’s No selling or recruiting needed and we still make amazzing numbers. Thinks that’s sweet? Plus we get paid every single night Guaranteed. This is the new way of making money online for sure! You are stealing from your self if you’re not apart of this company. We have 100,000 affiliates! Call 4 more? info Dj/ 904.476.2680

  9. sportmediaportal says:

    Debbie Thanks for video!

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  10. yungkingtut says:

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  11. primepaid says:



  12. empowerdebbie says:

    Thank you. You do? the same!

  13. benneclark says:

    Thanks for? responding to my question… I really appreciate your information. Continue prospering in 2012.

  14. empowerdebbie says:

    First, Empower Network has 3 products, and the compensation plan is separate for each — same plan, different cycles depending on where a person? is in terms of sign ups. In short the comp plan works like this:
    The 1st, 3rd, and 5th sale goes to the distributor
    The 2nd , 4th , 6th , and every 5th sale thereafter pass up to the distributor’s upline.
    It provides enough incentive in the form of a pass up for the upline to encourage and assist with marketing efforts.

  15. benneclark says:

    Do you earn 100% of 100% of people you sponsor, or do you earn 100% of 50%? of people you sponsor? If the latter is true, you actually net 50% and not 100%, which is not highlighted.

  16. askcatalexandra says:

    Hey Debbie, you make some excellent points here about Empower Network. I love that this is also for people who are just looking for a better way to get exposure for their stuff, whatever? their “stuff” is. I actually have some preachers who use it to get better reach on their devotionals. I have hobby bloggers who just wanted to share their hobbies with the world, too. However people want to use it, it really does give a competitive edge to reaching more eyeballs and make some money! Love it!

  17. thehellbrothers1 says:

    Nice video, the Empower network has been working awesome for us already and we just signed up the other day. I like how the co creators dedicate their? time to teach us how to succeed the same way they did.

    It takes lots of time and energy to succeed online, but if you stick with it , success will come.

  18. bonniemcdonoughbiz says:

    Great? video. Honest and Sincere.

  19. MichaelBoryAlis says:

    Your not telling us what the product is, I? will move on to another video.

  20. MinecraftoTutorials says:

    Great explanation. Thank? you.?

  21. BlacKouTZz1000 says:

    Explained clearly? and? concisely.

  22. HowToDoOrMakeStu says:

    Great explanation.? Thank you.?

  23. BlackZOps says:

    This is?? the best tutorial/explanation I’ve found.

  24. lShenanigansl says:

    Great explanation. Thank? you.?

  25. OreoKillerz says:

    I understand this so much? better? now.

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