The Secret To Joint Venture Marketing Success

RapidVideoBlogging.com Looking for a “shortcut” to success online? While there aren’t any true shortcuts in business (ever), there certainly are clever ways of going about getting success as fast as possible. And inside today’s video, I reveal one of my best strategies for fastest possible success online. Make sure you take part in the discussion in the comments below the video – I would LOVE to hear from you and I ready EVERY single comment. Gideon Shalwick
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  1. EvesPotOfGold says:

    It’s a bit over my head, but im interested. Why are you just showing ur face? Did u stop working out? Hahaha a half? body is more expressive.

  2. kenassist says:

    I find the whole notion of JV Partners quite? scary. All my business life I have seen partnership disasters. Good friend s become enemies. I even know one famliy personaly where two brothers have not talked to each other for 30 years.

    How do you avoid these problems?

  3. wildernessoutpost says:

    Great video Gideon, I always? enjoy them.
    Do you have any special advice for network marketers ?

  4. captureimaging says:

    @Outsourcinglive yes it’s Darrens blog? too. Thanks again. Brent

  5. Outsourcinglive says:

    @captureimaging I would firstly leave comments on the? blog and ensure that each comment is of value to the reader so when they come to look at your guest post – then at least you have some form of interaction with the blog already. Isn’t that also Darren’s blog as well? – Digital-Photography-School?

  6. captureimaging says:

    @Outsourcinglive thanks for the advice, yes, add value before asking for it back. Considering becoming a guest poster to digital-photography-school, I have so much to? give, just wonder what the best strategy is for a 1 man band like me? Cheers, Brent

  7. Outsourcinglive says:

    Hey Gids,

    Sounds like a new project getting released…

    Personally I have seen and watched your growth with Yaro and other marketers and it’s been fun to be part of the journey as well.

    @captureimaging – what I’ve learnt from Gideon and Yaro is to give something to them first and provide value before asking them to? do a JV – interview them or help out them in what they need. That will ensure a long term relationship. “It’s Long Term”

  8. captureimaging says:

    Thanks for the info Gideon. Yes I think JV is the way to go, and leverage what you have achieved so far. I would? be interested in the strategies you use to hook up with a “large list person”, to convince them to do a JV with you? Cheers, Brent

  9. SoulJuiceTV says:

    ooh yeh? … can’t wait! bring it on ….

  10. apblopes says:

    Hi, Gideon,
    Personally, I think the old-style videos are less? “invasive”, and yes, I like to see the body language too.
    Talking about JVs, I guess it is really the fastest way to achieve a larger audience, specially in the beginning, but I’d like to ask: if you’re not well-known yet, how do you convince a well-established blogger to have a JV with you?

  11. CloudEssentials says:

    I like the closer style. It seems like you’re talking directly to me. As I think about my own preferences when it comes to videos, variety keeps me interested. Some topics are better up close, some in motion (walking), indoors, outdoors, studio, or home. There’s something to be said for consistency, but changing it up a bit (not drastically) seems like a good idea to keep my attention.
    As I think about my? own videos, I think I’ll change it up this week just based on your question. Thanks!

  12. carolm456 says:

    Yes I like this style too – a bit of shock at first but then I’m thinking – this guys got guts to be so closeup and personal. The best thing about you (and Yaro) is your ‘normal’ style – no yelling or hyperactive histrionics – I really appreciate that. If you had been one of those super-charged shouters AND closeup you would have lasted about 2 secs with me.? But instead, I”m now eagerly awaiting your long video.

    Thanks for all your useful info.

  13. surfingmama says:

    Format? Like mixing it? up and honestly Gideon? I love watching you in close up 😉

  14. surfingmama says:

    Hey Gideon this is a great distinction you have made. I’ve built my entire business on both these methods and done correctly they are very powerful. I know? people below have said the external JV method is just affiliate marketing but I see a clear distinction that sets you apart from others. You don’t approach referring other people’s products as an affiliate. You choose carefully and treat each one as a long term JV relationship. Much higher integrity & long term profit.

  15. tommckay1 says:

    Gideon. Excellent presentation. Real warmth and frendilness comes? accross which makes you very trustworthy. In my video rental kiosk business I do what is termed cross marketing with all successful location owners. The best locations for me are those that are using movie rentals to draw-in additional sales that can be tied to a video rental/sale.

  16. cruisinaltitude says:

    Gideon.? Good stuff as usual, can’t wait for the longer video. I do like the close up format. Will try it ion my next video.

  17. thakarshing says:

    quickest and easiest marketing ever. Thanks for? reinforcing the idea. I Like the close up shot 🙂

  18. TheMattyMiller says:

    Hey Gideon. Thnx for breaking this down and making it sound simple and doable. I’ll be sure to catch the 25 minute video you speak of. Don’t mind making 2 or 3 … 25 min videos for? us. As for the close up talking head ~ I like it, but your fancy t shirts are always fun to look at too sometimes. Thnx man ~

  19. coquilori says:

    Hi Gideon,

    What´s the minimum mass? of members in database for offering to affiliate sellers?

  20. burton2b says:

    Gideon, I really your simple one on one style of video. ? It’s kind of like having a coffee with you.
    This JV issue is very timely for most of us. I would like to learn how you do affiliate marketing with video. I’ve been thinking about this and how exactly to do this, so I’m following …..
    thanks for everything.

  21. ryansteinolfson says:

    Gideon, great timing with your video. I am in the process of talking to a couple of internal venture partners and I am looking to determine the best way to structure that partnership. I have a colleague that has just done and internal joint? venture partnership And he had amazing success building his list with it

  22. FindingLivvey says:

    Can you share with us the specific steps in building? an email list. It seems so difficult and time consuming to do this through youtube.

  23. ProbateTrustAttorney says:

    Good video. Would like to see one that? explains your backlinking strategy. I’ve been reverse engineering some of it, but I can’t isolate the software. I know this isn’t exactly your forte, but clearly you’re doing well with it.

  24. blenditandMendit says:

    want to learn more about JV – will register for next video – especially interested in? your systemization of it

  25. JSH9J says:

    Hi Gideon.
    Im a 15 year old boy that likes to help people with pc problems and make videos on youtube. I have buyed the killeryoutubestrategies and i have get? a lot of help, but i cant get so many views. Is it because the title is wrong? Can you try to help me out? I realy like to make videos and im gonne be an ICT-Serviceempoyee when i grow up.

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