The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

Join us on Oct 14th, 2012 for the discussion. www.etaevent.com A short film about what the future of advertising might look like. Produced by Saatchi & Saatchi Canada, Tool, Pirate, Rooster and Lunch. Join us at FITC Toronto http and get a 10% discount with code: lastagency
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  1. Rurx25 says:

    2:00 is? that a bong haha?

  2. WhatsNextMarketing says:

    Social media isn’t merely another set of tools. It requires a completely different perspective on communication. It’s a shift away from? disruption marketing and over to permission marketing. It’s not 17 edits on a billboard and smacking a “Find us on Facebook” tag at the bottom. It’s real customer engagement – and most ad agencies will never get that.

  3. spicaxacips says:

    Advertising agency isn’t about just making another TV commercial. It about strategy the brand, understand consumer, shape? the way brand should interact with consumer. And Twitter or Facebook is just another tools for us. 🙂

  4. dayspeace says:

    I think what the person in the video is trying to say is that if advertising agencies will not change from their conventional ideas it will surely fail. especially now with the new development in information technology, it is likely needed for advertising agencies to adopt? new methods and ideas.

  5. mattfaulkner says:

    Shit! Missed? it!

  6. man02901 says:

    Check This? Out

  7. mcwail007 says:

    2:04 Is that a bong? :D?

  8. bellydeer says:

    Sculptures of a clown, a hippo, and a giant baby bottle…? what exactly did mps+c advertise, anyway?

  9. kombLV says:

    Stop adoring this social bullcrap. Facepuke will die faster? than a classic TV. With the help of spam agencies, of course.

  10. michaelquintos says:

    you should add a QR code at? then end

  11. EICAGENCY says:

    The montage of employees running wild is so funny! We don’t behave like that? at EIC. Most of the time.

  12. emarketing12 says:

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  13. BaronDeHawkesville says:


  14. grildoncrispy says:

    0:50 :)?

  15. DotBrandEvangelist says:

    Great ad agencies know that they can’t shrink their way to staying great…. especially now that ICANN has re-written the rules of branding for the web. Clients need agencies to apply a new Dot Brand Imagination…

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  16. DaZeClanOfficial says:

    bong at the end? of the vid?

  17. Forsaken0u812 says:

    this advertising agency tricked you into watching their commercial on the Internet? by having you select to watch it!

  18. isaaccasado says:

    who knows what is the name of the soundtrack please? Is great! 🙂
    Quien sabe cual es el nombre de la? musica de fondo porfa?

  19. cydewayss says:

    @fonfonfonfon “There were? people once in this advertising agency.. and then one day, there weren’t”.

  20. RBatteate says:

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    Check it out guys :)?

  21. Zelufty says:

    pixelinsanity . com… just? saying 🙂 advertise be happy buwhahaha

  22. snip1843 says:

    lol got to love the bong at the end funnest part? of the hole movie

  23. viv3k says:

    There were once people? in this advertising agency ..and they worked

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