The Internet 1995

In the mid 1990’s many people were on line, but the internet and the world wide web were still a new phenomenon. This program looks at the new open world of the web. Demonstrations include Eudora, Anarchy, the WELL, WinCIM, InterACT.net, and HoTMetal Pro HTML Editor. Guests include New York Times technology writer John Markoff. Also features a profile of the band Severe Tire Damage, the first band to ever perform live over the internet. Originally broadcast in 1995.
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  1. aNSEProductions says:

    Why didn’t he mention facebook??

  2. TheRandomSweed says:

    I was 14 years old in 1995. And internet was just a computer geek system at that time. Marvel? of the world was cellphones.

  3. Clausfarre says:

    I don’t think I saw? brazil scat before 1997. Such early memories, such treasures of the mind.

  4. pedrorenato says:

    Although today is a habit, in 1995 the Internet was? still an unknown world by many people!

  5. Choton maji says:

    Hey, Anyone learned about the Phantom Cash System? (do a Google Search) Ive found out a lot of wonderful stuff? about it and my neighbor made a lot of money with it!

  6. shairaptor says:

    Nope. We suck against most other animals, we don’t dominate we destroy the planet !!! Wait, I have to hug that? tree here 😉

  7. shairaptor says:

    I searched for sex and came to horse porn, ever sticked? to it ever since, LOL, hehe ;D 😉

  8. shairaptor says:

    1995 Internet = exciting tool to communicate from nerd/geek to nerd/geek 🙂
    2012 Internet = full of 12yo kids and morons, babbling? nonsense and going on the nerves of us adults who used the internet in 1995! WE RULE!

  9. LilMissPhotoshop says:

    Wonder how they would feel if I told them I watching this on my phone. Lol…. But I think its so cute that they never linked me to their web

  10. noxxboxx says:

    internet will? never catch on, its a fly like the minidisc

  11. giova942 says:

    Internet? that looks promising….. can I use it to get? porn?

  12. tkoizumi says:

    Before internet, I used to ride my bicycle to Kmart with my friends to look at cheatcodes for sega and ps1 games or just to look at some strategies….? the good ol’days lol

  13. Elround4 says:

    I’m sure? a Brain Machine Interface and hyper realistic/life-like Augmented Realty interfaces are in that last date. ^^

  14. Joseph Tortorello says:

    and today i sit here watching this on? youtube

  15. liamvg says:

    “the net”?

  16. transformersloverjon says:

    Holy fuck… wow… THIS is why? we’re the dominate species, bitches!!

  17. Crunk Wun says:

    Internet? Id have? to try that sometime

  18. Polygon6789 says:

    I miss the Computer Chronicals

  19. gzemnid says:

    I KNOW RIGHT! Noobs posting ‘first’ on comment threads… IRC… chat rooms… teenagers taking websites down by pinging them… pictures of cats with words on them… porn… WHERE WILL? IT END?! Oh wait.

  20. skypers3 says:

    Charla Beaverson, she definitely? had a beaver in the 90’s

  21. skypers3 says:

    I decided to google that and? I cracked my self up

  22. edthewise says:

    amen to that.?

  23. gabescully says:

    It’s funny because? this isn’t relevant anymore?

  24. Sam Alexander says:

    Neat video… I was a die hard Eudora user in 1995, plus I toyed with The Well to back then. I? love these old videos. John Markoff is a putz though.

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