“Tell Me About Yourself” – Your Best Answer – The Landing Expert Interview and Job Search System

The Landing Expert, Alex Freund (www.landingexpert.com), shows job candidates the strongest way to answer the most common interview question, “Tell Me About Yourself.” Learn more about how to land your next job at www.landingexpert.com
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  1. scorpiogod1 says:

    I wish I? had those credentials.

  2. mccubb1 says:

    thanks, we’ll let ya know…

  3. MIKE12345698 says:

    What if Im applyng? position saying me all time over qualifight ???

  4. TheBujuna says:

    Good Example.

  5. mikedelgado8888 says:


  6. jay valdez says:


  7. novodada says:

    excellent frame.shows? pride in achievements and gives enough info for potential employers needs. thank you

  8. mpompeiin says:

    the only problem is that this guy has multiple past examples where he WORKED and was also SUCCESSFUL in situations similar to the current interviewing company. This is? not true for everyone…..

  9. Moviesmoveme says:

    Wow this is VERY intense, but is necessary for the type of? job he seems to be “applying” for.

  10. TheMissshop says:

    Good… but what about if I am just? a simple employee

  11. lycanine says:

    I found this fantastic. I enjoyed it. It reminds me that I am not good at selling myself in an interview. It is sad, but it does help to have had a lot of responsibility and? to be able to easily verbalize it to the interviewer.

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