Success Tips for 2009

Best wishes and online success tips for 2009. www.2createawebsite.com http
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  1. dunkscoots says:

    so? sexy

  2. seekdestroy16 says:

    Anooother hidden video, glad? i found this good job lisa

  3. Ipadville says:

    How? many page impressions do i need before i earn money

  4. MrCookIslands says:

    Good content. Man why weren’t my teachers when I was a young boy like you? Not old, crabby and boring. Best wishes to you? too! Many thanks

  5. kaloni2008 says:

    you really know how to back up your videos with loads of humour? and god u r so so so inspiring !!! u r awesome !
    btw do u have a facebook fan page or something where i can get ur updates or something relating your works…i find twitter so messy….

  6. ddkz9 says:

    Hi Lisa!
    Just “found” you and already I am learning SO MUCH. Question please… I am a newbie and a non-tekkie although I feel like I have the ability to learn what ever I put effort in to. So as far as websites are concerned, am I better off learning HTML and CSS from scratch or diving in to and learning all I can using Dreamweaver or Frontpage (or similar)? Thanks again for all that you are doing for all of us out here!?

  7. glenjoyfulls says:

    HI LIZA! just wondering if u recv my comment..God bless you. and all the people in the world..God bless us!Amen.?

  8. kvocalist says:

    i guess the same goes? for tonyatko..she provides good info for everyone. iam sure she said she earns a living for vloging etc.

  9. lisa3876 says:

    Yes, you can. You don’t have to do YouTube videos, it’s just a model I’ve chosen to use. Many sites get most of their traffic from SEO (search? engine optimization) but you should look to expand your portfolio.

  10. TechHelpPC says:

    Hey Lisa, I’m just wondering. For getting traffic on your website, can you just submit it to a search engine and keep adding content,? or do i have to make youtube videos for traffic.

  11. TheSportsInvestor says:

    very smart girl!?

  12. Epsio0 says:


  13. danielmillionaire says:

    hello lisa i have set up a website site and i am doing adsense i am not getting alot of traffic could you point me in the right direction thank you. and one last thing when you reach 100 dollers there send you a check out what happens if you make 300 hundred dollers in a day will they send it out seprete why cant there let it build up yo the end of the? months.

    good bless you.

  14. zobe70 says:

    Hey Lis! Your? Hot!!!!!

  15. flowerysu says:

    Thank you for posting your video, great content and motivation. Thanks.?

  16. hazry45 says:

    Hey Lis! Talking abt hair, yours is beautiful! It suits you. 2009 style.? All the best =)

  17. BradStephenson says:

    You’ve? won me over. Consider me subscribed!!!

  18. apmproductions18018 says:

    you make so many youtube videos and so? many diffrent categories, you could probably create a website design magazine and publish it massivley, therres another money maker for you,kinda like “pcworld” mag, only revolving around websites……have you ever thought about that???

  19. linsildiedar says:

    I? am so proud of you beautiful! keep it going, we LOVE you, sweetie!

  20. aqquinte says:

    You look great mam…?

  21. mekcool733 says:

    Respect to everyone taking control of their life, changing, learning and working towards your dream. You are already ahead of the game-the game of life.
    Keep up the work! It will be worth? it!

  22. trident3b says:

    Lisa, I need yr hlp: I wish to set up a website that gets people to register as a member first, and to start with they only receive an autoreply together with a unique registration nbr. that I need this appl. to generate. Once I have a critical amount of people signed up they will then see the offer. Do you know of an appl. that I? can use to provide that first stage? For this concept it is necessary to have x amount of people with this reg’ nbr. prior to making use of the offer. Can you help?

  23. RejectionFreeCoach says:

    You have a great series of videos…

    Very? motivational!

  24. lisa3876 says:

    Start by building a content/information site? about a specific aspect of art. Draw in traffic by learning search engine optimization and THEN sell your art once you start getting traffic. There’s always a way. It’s all about creative marketing.

  25. Joeraff183 says:

    Very clever. Well done on your hard work? and $.

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