Sublime & Subliminal: Semantics for Online Advertising

Google Tech Talks August 6, 2008 ABSTRACT Web advertising, hasn’t delivered its potential value to advertisers. This is partcularly true for contextual advertisement. The main problem is that the marriage of ad and the content of a page is based on algorithms that do not offer satisfactory results in understanding the actual meaning of the content of a web page. Try the search “stock base” in Google or Yahoo. You will get many more pages about equities than you do about soup. Yet the ads placed on these pages are too often not related to the main topic of the article. Showing an ad about food when the intended use of “stock base” was in the context of equities it’s a mismatch. Expert System now offers a revolutionary solution that automatically processes the meaning of the text to ensure that the ads selected are relevant. Expert System’s CSA (Cogito Semantic Ad) relies on its Semantic Intelligence technology to analyze text on the page through linguistic analysis and Semantic Comprehension to assure that promotional information can be served more effectively. Speaker: Marco Varone Founder, CTO, and Director of the Board of Expert System, Marco is the “father” of the technology behind the Company’s products and a key driver of the Company with his vision and technical skills. Marco is responsible for the R activities and roadmap in the software and linguistic areas. Marco holds a degree in Computer Science at the University of Modena with honors. Speaker: Luca Scagliarini
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    ?~Thumbs Up~ ?are the best words we can find. Very enlightening video!? Advertisements in virtual world naturally poses countless challenges especially displaying relevant ads. I must say that “Expert System able to fulfill the solution to automatically processes the meaning of the text to ensure that the ads selected are relevant” is very encouraging. To others wishing to give comments, I feel we need to give fair comments.

  11. imdeletethis says:

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    I never said it didn’t work or? wasn’t efficient. A brainwashing cult like Scientology is very efficient. That doesn’t make it a good thing.

  17. djtreq says:

    sigh… and it is solely because of advertising that you are ablt to watch videos on YT, search via? google, and submit and read articles on digg all for free. Figure out a more efficient and valuable way to financially support web servers and services and I’ve no doubt the market will switch to that instead of advertising. good luck on that.

  18. megamarsvin says:

    I certainly hope? it will continue not to deliver it’s potential value. I may be a web-developer but I see advertising and commercial exploitation as the biggest threat the web faces today. Thank god for things like ad-blocker which stop the corporations from further extending their branding tendrils into the global consciousness.

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