Sterilization and Disinfection of Dental Instruments

roselledental.blogspot.com dynamicbranding.blogspot.com The staff at Roselle Dental Center in Roselle, Illinois, take you on a step by step demonstration of how they meet and exceed guidelines for the sterilization and disinfection of their dental instruments. roselledental.blogspot.com dynamicbranding.blogspot.com
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  1. ijustwantinfos says:

    after putting the instruments on the basket, how is called that cleaning machine? and for how long she keeps? them there? PLEASE HEEEEELP ME

  2. lilmzpreach says:

    Wow. Lol. She didn’t? ever change out her gloves.

  3. jdfile310 says:

    Keep in mind viewers that when you go to a fancy restaurant which uses and recycles their own silver wear and plates, etc. they don’t put all of their silver wear through sterilization process like the dental and medical fields. Of course ‘OSHA’ and other government services don’t enforce? it the way they do for dental and medical. Imagine at least three customers a day at an upscale restaurant jabbing and poking themselves with the silver wear…watch out for the next one(s) who use them…

  4. jdfile310 says:

    Ok, now can you break down and set up a room in less than one minute for the next patient who’s been waiting for treatment for the last? 45 minutes.

  5. Rachel Lim says:

    Aren’t the gloves contaminated? Stupid.?

  6. elements1985 says:

    Those instruments weren’t even given an eye check before peel-packing. That’s disturbing.?

  7. colin5577 says:

    Wow. This? is waaaay inadequate for what’s required in the UK now.

  8. thelittlejennie says:

    Use? utility gloves!

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