Seth Godin & Tom Peters on blogging.

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  3. Oscar Carter says:

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  4. MakeMoneyOnlineTV1 says:

    Blogging is a great way to share valuable and useful content with others looking for solutions to problems – thanks? for sharing such great information

  5. Mergingpoint says:

    Does anyone know what the best free blog site is, and preferably with the most traffic? Please Please msg me! Thanks? Guys!!

  6. patrick17349 says:

    Writting a blog is like a good therapy. I have? some blogs on the net. I like to write and tell what I am thinking….

  7. roty86412 says:

    very good

  8. videopitchcanada says:

    Blogging still holds power, blogging with video embedded just makes you feel closer to the author. I read Tom Peters books and listening to his take on? Blogging just made it more important to get our clients blogging more. Thanks

  9. lenfoster1 says:

    When people like this say blogging is worthwhile you? have to take notice

  10. lenfoster1 says:

    When people like this say blogging is worthwhile you have to? take notice

  11. PersonalSuccessMktg says:

    Blogging IS important, but there are ways to get people to read it. And remember that all these videos can go on our blogs? too. So it’s not JUST about your mindset, it really is about connecting with people and making a difference through video and text.

    Charlie Seymour Jr

  12. mastergradeone says:

    as a graphic designer

    i just? created a wordpress, NO ONE reads it but me.

    Writing blogs helps you think a lot.

  13. JooniorDCB says:

    What is the difference between blogging? and social networking sites?

  14. MrBigPoppa43 says:

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  15. maryjanebrant says:

    Seth Godin is an awesome presenter. He’s a master? teacher and I learn so much from listening to him. I love blogging. I have several blogs and I participate in several blogs. And yes, it’s free and actually, it’s fun.

    And Amen to Tom Peters and his thoughts on blogging being free and yes, it does indeed make one grow on a hundred levels.

  16. cggattis says:

    Well said. It’s our challenge to keep at? it and get better.

  17. ronhori says:

    Terrific content.?

  18. debashishbramha says:

    Two Gurus? sharing their own experience. But 2008 and 2010 things have changed rapidly. Yes Blogs ” it’s an instrument of “Freedom Of Speech”, a very important and integral part of a democratic society.

  19. TheJillanderson says:

    I’m pretty sure that this video was taken at? the Inc.5000 Conference in Washington DC – Spring 2008. I was in the audience and it was fantastic.

  20. volapuk49 says:

    Tom Peters: Nothing else has changed my life so much as blogging. And it’s free.


    So go and start a? blog, guys. Do it now and have more fun. It can be about anything or nothing. Just do it.

  21. freestar1311 says:

    Thanks for saying that: “it doesn’t matter who reads it.” I realized after 1 year that it was my greatest growth? experience. My voice become alive within me, I love my blog..

  22. placenobets says:

    Amazing. Amazing.? Amazing.

  23. bebirianart says:

    so before blogs – life was not as full and rich – thank God for technology and the many different activities that it has? – does and will facilitate!

  24. David Kopp says:

    My cat LOVES? my blog. Awesome Seth. The humility and metacognition… very well said.

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