Serif PagePlus X5 Tutorial – Page Layout Techniques

Get some great tips about desktop publishing techniques, laying out your page to design impressive documents, stationery, advertising and more — using Serif PagePlus X5.


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  1. SuperWayne123456789 says:

    can i use serif pageplus to make? a picture ?

  2. srizki says:

    Excellent, I just bought and install the software, could not resist. And this is the first tutorial that I come? across. This is wonderful.


  3. SerifSoftware says:

    I’m going to make a couple of assumptions Loni; one that you’d like a grid-style layout, and secondly that you’d probably like two columns of images in a portrait page. Select File > Layout Guides and set 6 rows and 2 columns, with your choice of page margins and the row/column gaps. That’ll give you the foundation for a neat layout, then you can import a? picture, add a text label, and copy/paste into each of the other 11 spots for efficiency, replacing each picture and label. HTH.

  4. SerifSoftware says:

    @LoniHart Loni those settings should work fine, but it’s worth trying alternate settings as an experiment, e.g. using the Web Compact profile. I’ve not heard of others? being unable to open PPX5 PDFs before, and at the Acrobat 5.0 level of compatibility it should open *everywhere*. Let us know how that goes. Thanks, Dale @ Serif.

  5. LoniHart says:

    Wonderful explicit tutorial -Thanks. Question: I have 12 pictures I want on? 1 page with a label (text t box) under each with the same constraints. How would I set this up ?

  6. srizki says:

    This is excellent learning video.
    thanks? you.

  7. LoniHart says:

    Hi Dale, RE PDF readability issues. You asked what profile I was using ‘Default ‘and set compatibility to ‘ Adobe 5.0’ Should I? change?


  8. SerifSoftware says:

    Hi Loni. Which profile are you using in the Publish as PDF dialog? There are presets there for different levels? of Acrobat compatibility and for different output purposes. However I’ve not heard of these settings causing a PDF to be unreadable, though, might be worth sharing a PagePlus file with tech support, or on our forum, for someone else to try and make a PDF from it to help troubleshoot if changing profile does not help. HTH, Dale.

  9. LoniHart says:

    Great? tutoria!
    Question: When I modify a PDF with PagePlusx5 and “save as a PDF” or resave over old file name others cannot view it (Message say “not a pdf file”. ?>

    How to I save a PagePlusx5 modified PDF so other can view? Thanks

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