SEO Mistakes 01

Tested Marketing Strategies – Proven Results from Internet Marketing Consultant Michael Campbell www.dynamicmedia.com SEO mistake #1 is forgetting to put keywords in your Title Tags. In this seven minute video, you’ll discover… * the importance of Title Tags * how to use them to your advantage * why keyword stuffing sucks * a #1 ranking that’s not converting * the secret to getting more clicks * top rankings for dual keyword phrases
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  1. fieldscott95 says:

    really good video!? Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. wordpresslanding says:

    Hi Michael

    Great info.


  3. ThaHotCoolDude says:

    My buddy just sent me your video link -? NICE WORK!

  4. gmakwa says:

    Interesting Very? Interesting. I will keep an eye on your profile

  5. Gartenriese87 says:

    thank? you!

  6. OKRA4ALL says:

    Thank you very much for such a great inspiring video! will? check out more made by you. Cheers, Sam from Holland

  7. purger37 says:

    Excellent video, great tips. Most people? simply skip over the basics, not Michael. Thanks for reminding me once again of the little things that make a big difference!

  8. stevenrshaw says:

    Love the new format Michael, and as always? top notch IM advice.

  9. duncanem says:

    Great video Michael both the content and quality, audio is superb too. Looking forward to? more of them.


  10. NeilShearingTube says:

    Excellent? tips, Michael! 🙂


  11. Digital00Inspiration says:

    Hello Michael,
    Thanks for the video, I know it takes longer to create a valuable video like than just sending an email, but I think it is worth it. Excellent information. Excellent production techniques. Love the fact that you excerpt another video clip and employ several special effects. Helps keep my attention but does not detract from the message. I would like to? encourage everyone to sign up for your email – you always provide very helpful information. Please create more videos.

  12. wilsz says:

    Simple, clear and to the point – this is easy to follow and Michael’s speaking style is very easy on the tired ,info overloaded, modern mind. You will not forget: keywords in? the title tags is a SEO must.

  13. HowToGainMuscleMass says:

    Great video Michael. I’m going to run? of and start re-writing some of my title tags tonight!

  14. sheiwahtan says:

    Good? introduction Michael!

  15. TurtleKnife says:

    Hi Micheal. Its a pleasure to see a video where the viewer doesn’t half to spend the? first half of it listening to who you are and why you are giving something away for free. Good content here, and right to the point. Thanks.

  16. Scriobh says:

    Michael – excellent stuff as usual. Proving again that the basics of getting good rankings have never really changed.

    Barely recognized you with the beard though dude!?

  17. SCTProducts says:


    Always great content, everybody should use you as a coach, the tips you have given me have? been invaluable!

    Thanks…Mark Young

  18. johnmiley01 says:

    Michael, now I know what video? you were editing when I got a hold of you yesterday.

    Excellent information, and your picture up on the screen makes this feel personal and welcoming.

    Great content, and well done. Cheers.

  19. magneticweb says:

    This is terrific information that other Internet Marketers would charge an arm and a leg for. Michael Campbell is about the only expert online who isn’t just after your money.

    And yes – Goobert is really fantastic.

    Thank? you, Michael, for all your help.

    Philip G

  20. muddbunni says:

    Michael – Love the format.? Quick and to the point. Very informative. Alerted me to a little mistake I’ve been making that I am changing immediately in my title tags. Thank you.

  21. douglaslampi says:

    After nine? years as your subscriber – I STILL stop everything I’m doing when your newsletter comes out.

    Six stars out of Five.

  22. mcgoobb45 says:

    Michael Campbell is the man! I always enjoy and use your? content. Goobert was great!

  23. 37AdWordsSecrets says:

    Thanks for the great SEO info, Michael.? Your tips are the greatest! Talk soon, Roger

  24. Guitarjoe63 says:


    Have I told you yet today how much you rock? Well, if? not, then I’m truly a slacker. 🙂

    I’ve been on your list for years now and you always deliver great information. Thanks, and please keep it coming!

    Joe S.

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