Secret Techniques To Keep The Mount In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Visit NewBreedJiuJitsu.com and learn how you can secure an entire WEEK of FREE TRAINING with the pros at New Breed Academies across the country. On this video, Master Johnny Ramirez guides us through a series of techniques that will help you keep the Mount position in BJJ. These will help you stabilize the position and ease your attacks. Video edited by the cool marketing people of http
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  1. Fupper16 says:

    Don’t go to the mount … settle for half-guard; it’ll give you something more to control a-la Randy Couture. Basically all the submissions from mount are there in? half-guard as well. Take it from a small guy – half-guard is better;)

  2. theirishmaniac08 says:

    all well and good if he is hip escaping but there is? something called a sweep

  3. Jason Thigpen says:

    any tips for us light ppl say 145 pounds? trying to stay on a larger opponent?

  4. wmpyr says:

    awesome instruction! well explained.?

  5. mrorbit2u says:

    Awesome tips and great? explaination of when to use them…thx

  6. xymaster19 says:

    great stuff, use a lot of these techniques? while i hold mount

  7. LionPrideBJJ says:

    Bro, I know you are going by what Rener and Ryron are showing you in their vids (which are fantastic, BTW, awesome jiu-jitsu), ? but Johnny is as legit as they come, don’t be too fast to critique what he is showing until you’ve experienced it.

  8. nahuelfantino says:

    you need to use the leg hooks to make your hips heavier on the opponent and control the head better. if you squezze the guy between your nkees he’s? gonna drive you and make you lose your balance. let him get on his side to make an armbar or give you his back to choke him out

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