Search Engine Optimization – Tips For Beginners

Web site expert and author Brendon Sinclair gives some solid tips for search engine optimization for beginners.
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  4. janeashelbacon says:

    very? impressive. I really appreciate it 🙂

  5. Brendon Sinclair says:

    This is a pretty old video now and Google still ranks mostly on how I’ve discussed. But there’s now another million things to consider.

    And? again, no, I wasn’t drunk when we shot this. I just looked pissed most of the time!

  6. zDabzc says:

    He’s drunk. ?

  7. seocom says:

    Google is? key to your site but don’t forget about the others like Bing and Yahoo.

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  11. AskASearchEngineGuru says:

    Great idea, however I have found a faster way to accomplish the? same thing, but it took forever to figure it out.

  12. tewatiya1986 says:

    useful? video… nice one:)

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  15. Demain8 says:

    great? video, thank you

  16. seeksoft says:

    Damnn,? this guy is High!

  17. Leenaxgw says:

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  18. sloanprince says:

    Can you make another video where you are not smashed because you mentioned Anchor text which is? the key but no eloboration

  19. syraxus says:

    Who? cares, the content he is discussing is helpful and that is what is important.

    Minuses – your comments

  20. CLTheMonk says:

    Gotta love you Aussies eh?

    You look like your sweating buckets there…

    Great info mate 🙂

    I dunno why you say Aussies slur their? words… maybe when you ARE drunk… but I can listen to Aussies all day long. (Especially the women ;);)

  21. perthtoparadise says:

    Wish I was!
    I’m an Aussie – we all slur our words, not sure why I always look like I’ve? had a few though.


  22. airbrushworld1 says:

    This guy looks drunk. What the heck? is going on? good info but he looks smashed! lol.

  23. SwaggerSpot says:

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  24. grantast says:

    PLUSSES — Nothing notable.
    MINUSES — Audio and video aren’t in sync. Echo with sound. Strange choice of color background and scenery. Having a single plant item can be rather distracting from speaker.? Simply a talking head with no other visuals or examples. Poor quality intro and outro graphics. Outro graphic with contact info speeds up too fast.

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