Sales Tips – Open and Closed Questions | Frank Furness | Social Media Speaker

www.frankfurness.com Social Media Speaker Frank Furness is an International Sales & Technology Speaker and Social Media Presenter Effective questioning techniques for sales and communication. http
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  2. lornasheare3567 says:

    fantastic video,? I would love to see more! Take Care

  3. heathermyers890 says:

    indeed very nice. Thank you so? much for sharing this! 🙂

  4. MrMLM777 says:

    Great video I love the back? ground

  5. jimmyoalfaro says:

    Thank? you very much! How sales-wise you are!

  6. andan04 says:

    Here’s a closed question I’d ask with this video: would you like the teriyaki chicken this evening? Yes. Yes, I believe I would. Now here’s an open question: what’s most important to you when making your sushi selections? Hmm. Well, I’d? have to say taste and price. What else? Appearance, maybe.

  7. nibargerswife51482 says:

    what about? retail?

  8. hamedvahid says:

    very useful?

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