Sales Strategies with Grant Cardone

Watch this Sales Strategies interview with Grant Cardone at lewishowes.com Grant Cardone is the man when it comes to giving Sales Strategies tips and advice to small and medium sized business owners. Most don’t understand how to increase sales using online marketing and social media and Grant covers all of this, plus goal setting, how to “hustle” in your market, and much more in this sales strategy interview. Head over to http and grantcardone.com to get more online marketing and sales strategies tips and advice.
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  1. dqn619 says:

    I recently found Grant Cardone and have been listening to him whenever I can. I loved this interview. I sell a sales application to BMW and MINI dealers and would LOVE the opportunity to? speak or meet Grant… Keep ranting!!!

  2. milajsr1 says:

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  3. spectrumifs says:

    Lots of good info with the? exception of Dianetics recommendation. Grant needs to watch or re-watch the youtube interviews with L. Ron Hubbard’s son and also the videos of his great grandson to gain more wisdom.

  4. Valentin Lefebvre says:

    Attention; Criticism; Hate; Admiration!
    Love? it

  5. matt F says:

    Grant is awesome..
    But the only thing I disagree? with is his views on taking a vacation…

  6. Carlos Barreiro says:

    I researched Grant because? he shows up in every website I go into!!!!!

  7. Michael Cheney says:

    Love this episode! Thanks for sharing.?

  8. Martin Glennon says:

    I would comment on one of these two people, but I don’t? have even a hundreth of what either of them are worth. …

  9. Ali O says:

    Dear Guy that is not G.C.,

    Please learn to stop saying “Wow” as much. It makes? you look ignorant and unaccomplished.

    Thank you.

  10. James Breedlove says:

    GRANT CARDONE = The RICHARD FEYNMAN OF BUSINESS…Grant DOES NOT ALLOW BUSINESS to be overcomplicated and he is not afraid to figure it out. When he figures it out he puts it into the simplest? terminology lexicon possible… only geniuses can do that.

  11. Riza Veyra says:


  12. Michael Flores says:

    I like this video.? I’ll apply it to my personal marketing. Thanks.

  13. Michael Flores says:

    Thanks for the marketing tip.? I appreciate your work. Very useful. Continue the great work.

  14. beau.p Beau says:

    Love this? interview!!

  15. mgwu36 says:

    Cardone =? Best

  16. oprahisevil says:

    total? buffoon

  17. DNERIGZA says:

    which book do you recommend? mosrt from him?

  18. acumedcorp says:

    ART WILLIAMS! That is? the insurance guy, read his book, common sense, is great

  19. brother11548 says:

    grant is sincere. honest. and high on cafine from starbucks. i like it but being calm and slow is another way of selling that works for me. where you draw the customer in and slow them down. they end up buying because there tired and? hungry and want to leave and you answer their question with a question and know your product. how much down, well how much were you thinking of putting. what percent rate, what interest rate do you currently get. what price, wht pric were you trying to stay around?

  20. oprahisevil says:

    loser? and buffoon

  21. oprahisevil says:


  22. Face Dominator says:

    “Hey, if you?
    want to market on facebook, try? our unique software – facedominator, check my

  23. chris remon says:

    This video was great! Im new in sales and im currently on my second job. The first one was with no knowledge of sales at all. The current job requires us to do these cardone classes and go over them on saturday meetings. Everyone seemed to bitch about doing these videos and how they were a waste of time, Me on the other hand got a second chance and was willing to do anything to make myself last….not become a “SUPER FREAK” but just survive. Im 3? months in and at the top of the charts.

  24. SelectionSeven says:

    hahahahhahahhaa this guy is probably blazed? he’s soooo happy.

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