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www.ViralTrafficMachine.net Safe list marketing can be one of the best and cost effective ways for an internet marketer to market his or her online business. Here is my Guide to safelists and my recommended top ten safelists. There are thousands of people each day who are looking for work from home businesses and make money online opportunities. There are lots of other hopeful internet marketers using safelist marketing so what better place to advertise your internet marketing business online. Introduction to Safelists A safelist is a list of members who all agree to receive promotional emails. You will earn credits every time you view another members emails. You can spend the credits on sending out emails to the other members of the safelist. The benefits of using a safelist is that they enable you to grow your list of leads. Getting Started with Safelists: Set Up Your Email: You will need two email accounts. One as a normal contact email between you and the safelist provider and one for receiving emails from other members. I suggest you use Gmail. Most safelists recommend Gmail. Find Your Safelists: Things to look for are how many members the safelist currently has. How many free credits they give away each month? How often they enable you to send out mail to other members? Do they have other options of advertising on their website like banner ads, solo ads and text ads? I suggest you join 10 safelists on free accounts. Play around with emails and see what works and

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