Robert Scoble: Role of Social Media in Marketing

Robert Scoble, blogger and entrepreneur, discusses his thoughts on how ideas spread. The public session was part of the Stanford GSB marketing course, the Power of Social Technology (Dr. Jennifer Aaker). A panel of experts, including Robert Scoble, MC Hammer, and Loic LeMeur, discussed how social media can build successful brands.
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  1. Archtungmonster says:

    Robert they that have had little faith in you have not got there shit wired me Im a believer and want the best? for you for being just likable

  2. marksievers says:

    Nice presentation, thanks! PS Scoble launches a spitball at? 3:05.

  3. webmindset says:

    Enjoyed it. That Stanford shares these? talks is a sign that they “get” social media. Bravo!

  4. dmurphy04 says:

    Thanks for recording and uploading? this video!

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