Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie Part 2 REMIX ft. 2Pac and Eminem + DOWNLOAD

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    Thank you buddy! YOU? are the man!

  3. Salipo143 says:

    fucking AWESOME man. WIth download links? fuck u your? the man

  4. Cortorize says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Listened to it since? 1k views. Subbed. And gl with your remixes.

  5. zulemazmek says:

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  8. rappinonproduction1 says:

    Nice? Song :D!

  9. kilometrocer0 says:

    a mi me gusta q? me quemen la casa tbien

  10. s2Ruptures2 says:

    haha i didnt make the? picture. google images FTW

  11. shxuila123 says:

    VS (versus) is wrong buddy, you? should write there FT

  12. BubbleWrap5505 says:

    This is? legend.

  13. SuperGodzill says:

    4:05? best part!

  14. Maksim021 says:

    ??????? ?????!
    ?????????? ?????????? ????? ?? ???? ?????? “???? ????? ? …”
    ????? ??? ?????????? ??????? ??: maksim021

  15. getmeahead says:

    Nice Vid, Thanks. Glued to Youtube right?? Stay connected and see you on the next one!

  16. s2Ruptures2 says:

    Download link posted.
    Enjoy ;)?

  17. lordfrito420 says:

    love the video …in my opinion eminem=best rapper alive …2pac=best rapper to ever live….r.i.p.? 2pac…..mad props great remix

  18. s2Ruptures2 says:

    Maybe? i will!

  19. jake90240 says:

    This video makes me want to find? the one I love

  20. MrMiszczkurde says:

    That’s right!!!? RED POWER!

  21. MrMiszczkurde says:


  22. TheDemaxx says:

    2pac respect forever,? we love you =(

  23. CManniste says:

    @s2Ruptures2 Now? you should make unofficial video, using footage of other videos !?

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