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  1. TheGirlWhoLived1030 says:

    OMR same :)?

  2. nemothehobofish says:

    i? really want an Omniplus t-shirt 🙂

  3. totalmollipop says:

    And Fridays and Saturdays, but maybe avoid them too. And also Mondays. Actually, 5/5 imaginary scientists agree that you should avoid the internet altogether. You don’t want to be fat, do you? Then don’t get on the? internet. But still buy this product.

  4. totalmollipop says:

    “If you’re a woman, I also doubt? your penis. Probably more justifiably.” I laughed so hard at that.

  5. XxJessicaJxX says:

    Today is Sunday and Benedict has done it again… the internet does not work….? this guys a genius!

  6. AlphabetSpagetty says:


  7. FlareArtist says:

    Four? people are communists.

  8. EnglishTCake says:

    Doesn’t work? on sundays

  9. megliz16 says:

    ooh? no no no!

  10. MaRiAtheHeDg3hOg says:

    Today is Sunday.?

  11. charlieisabeast100 says:

    I love? you.

  12. TheAmberh44 says:

    we use fiber optic technology to bring the internet to you at the speed of light!!!? doesnt work on sundays. LOL!!!

  13. HollieIsCrazy says:

    DAM! it don’t work Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Oh well i still have a? Monday xD

  14. gymnastics353 says:

    we don’t have bread but we have? freshly baked cookies! 😀
    and oh look it’s a sunday!

  15. IrishandDamnProud says:


  16. LinkandZelda101 says:

    I dont have a penis..but if I had one how dare? you doubt my penis

  17. Trying2FindWhoIam says:

    how? dare you justifiably doubt my penis 😉

  18. Lastshadow94 says:

    Can anyone else? see him playing Doctor Who?

  19. CloudOfBefuddlement says:

    I facebooked benedict townsend :O turns out we have 4 mutual? friends??? Wtf???

  20. GblueABC says:

    are you? using a green screen?? 🙂

  21. GblueABC says:


  22. zehrak27 says:

    Include? me.

  23. princeofdaftness says:

    there is nobody called Garry in that room is there! that was? acting , you should be on telly too Ben

  24. LinkandZelda101 says:

    hahah love the bit at the end :D?

  25. GblueABC says:

    I think ALOT of girls are crushing on? you ben!

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