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  1. Btmfgreat says:


  2. truhill26ify says:

    He must meet? up with the most interesting man in the world to receive the passing of the torch.

  3. Fartje Vader says:


  4. Y3LLO5 says:

    Epic rap battle: old spice? guy vs worlds most interesting man

  5. jc57704 says:

    best old spice commercials? ever when this guy was in them

  6. trolling445 says:

    i use to use? axe it sucks old spice rocks

  7. mebballerking baller says:

    haha old spice guy? always cracks me up

  8. 12kewlgurl says:

    i like him better than the other? guy.

  9. killnot222 says:


  10. iJOEBERGZ says:

    lying? i think.

  11. lina E. says:

    Me too?

  12. Bluesundays1992 says:

    I’m still more amazed at the twelve medals for the exotic car throwing? competitions

  13. willk27 says:

    did? he say “ride his jet ski lion into the sunset”?

  14. shadowingyou says:

    I miss him!? =(

  15. DarkProtoss123 says:

    After his? Election he would bring world peace in minutes.

  16. umm36 says:

    HAHHH!!! awesome ending!!!? 😛

  17. DarkProtoss123 says:

    I? would buy that, alone for the irony.

  18. DarkProtoss123 says:

    185 Videos of Awesome responces… WHO? NEEDS SLEEP ANYWAY!

  19. mxm2400 says:

    Word of mouth works very well when done properly.?

  20. miniprince88 says:

    this guy is like? a close second to morgan freeman

  21. allasar says:

    Funny how we? use adblockers, but watch this at our own free will :).

  22. Lara1Croft2is3all4 says:

    Damn it. He’s the reason why I turned gay.?

  23. Jeremy Bailey says:

    XD SILVER FISH HAND CATCH! XD Best? Youtube video part ever.

  24. guitar3421 says:

    I’m still wondering how come the top comments? aren’t “SILVER FISH HAND CATCH!”

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