Pt.4 Filmmaking Tips & Advice from Emmy, Cannes, HBO, Discovery Channel, PBS Filmmaker David Hoffman

Buy the entire video here: www.creativeinspiration.com In what is arguably the most in-depth interview on his distinguished 40-year career, Emmy® and Cannes Film Festival award-winning documentary filmmaker David Hoffman shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in this fascinating 90-minute documentary. Hoffman shares his insight on many creative processes such as storyline and character development, explains how he achieved multiple #1 prime time television ratings, showcases some of his most lucrative multi award-winning film fest projects, gives our viewers solid advice on how to get their projects on television, and much more. About David Hoffman: Multi award-winning documentary filmmaker, David Hoffman has been capturing reality for approximately four decades. His national and international awards include: the Cannes Film Festival Critics Prize, the George Foster Peabody Award, and blue ribbons at the American Film Festival, New York Film Festival, Chicago International Film Festival, San Francisco International Film Festival and Houston International Film Festival. Mr. Hoffman has produced hundreds of network television commercials, five documentary-style features and eighty-eight prime-time PBS® specials and series, including specials for Nova® and The American Experience™. His 125 reality films have appeared on The History Channel®, PBS®, TBS®, HBO®, and The Discovery™ Channel. Creative Inspiration® is a program designed to inspire creative minds through

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