Promo Black Box – An Internet Marketing & Advertising Solution

Promo Black Box – An Internet Marketing & Advertising Solution

Article by michael j kohn

All businesses, large or small need an “on-line” presence to compete in today’s Marketplace. The internet has made it necessary for businesses in every industry to review the way they market and advertise. Does your company understand the digital revolution enough to market properly to achieve a solid return on their advertising dollar? Is your company confused by all the hype and confronted with decisions that leave you searching for solutions?The answer was released on May 1st at 9AM PST. The most powerful group of internet marketing tools ever assembled into one suite is now available… PromoBlackBox!This month alone there will be over 11 million searches by people in the US for solutions to marketing and advertising and this says nothing about the global community. It will be in an effort, by those companies, to catch up to the competition or, better yet, to separate themselves from their competition. Ask yourself… Which of the two categories does your company fall into?One marketing and advertising executive with over 20 years of experience said “PromoBlackBox is a proprietary product and is so advanced that its contents, if applied, can immediately catapult profitability of small, medium or even large sized enterprises. He went on to say “I’ve never seen such a power-packed marketing acceleration system.”A PromoBlackBox subscription provides access to high-end advertising and marketing tools, software and executive training at small business prices. PROMO BLACK BOX has two main components at this time:1) LIVE WEBINARS: These are Bi-Weekly training sessions that will take any business’ internet marketing and advertising to the next level. Over 100 sessions are planed per year, starting in early May. The webinars will cover every aspect of internet marketing. Pay Per Click Advertising, Web Design, How to Advertise Free, How to Gain Major Exposure Using Internet Publicity and the list goes on and on.EDC and In Touch Media Group, Inc. have over 100 years of combined internet marketing experience and will share the mistakes commonly made and the secrets of successful internet marketing. In Touch Media Group, Inc. has the highest ranking available in the industry, for internet marketing, with both Google and Yahoo. Bob Cefail, Chairman of In Touch Media Group, Inc. will conduct many of the webinars along with guest speakers.The first webinar is at no cost to any business considering the program and there is no future commitment or obligation.2) WEB SITE CONVERSION TOOLS: These are marketing tools and software that will bring any business up to speed in today’s internet world.Search Chameleon: A down-loadable software that will act like a chameleon and alter its color (so to speak) to match its surroundings. It adapts your web page verbiage to match a prospective customer’s keyword search.Sales Scout: A lead generating program that attracts and then sifts your prospective clients through a concise questionnaire, providing the business with crucial information on the compelling needs of those who respond. This will improve the quality of the leads and ultimately, conversions. Use the system with an existing client database to improve customer satisfaction and increase back-end or repeat sales.Auto-Responder System: A down-loadable, customizable program that sends follow up communications (determined by you) automatically to your customers and prospects.Article Submitter: A down-loadable program that allows a company to easily post articles to article content hubs throughout the internet. Free article submission equals more potential customers, resulting in an increase in sales and a decrease in customer acquisition costs.About The Companies:EDC is a direct sales company specializing in sales of digital products including PromoBlackBox, software and e-books with several levels of opportunity for online entrepreneurs.In Touch Media Group, Inc. is an Internet marketing and PR firm recognized for its development of proprietary technology and cutting edge marketing techniques.For more information on PromoBlackBox and a schedule of our free introductory webinar visit:http://www.BlackBoxPromotions or call 888-847-5969

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Michael Kohn is the president of New Image Marketing Group Inc.With a background of over 25 successful years in sales and marketing he brings a modern and easy to follow approach to direct sales and on-line marketing.

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