Primerica Scam

**Click Here to learn more: mikeob317.mlsp.com ** So you would like to know if there is a Primerica scam going on. Maybe you are thinking about buying their services or even starting your own Primerica business, and you figured you would do some research and see if there are any Primerica scam claims out there. Well there are certainly Primerica scam claims, but there is no Primerica scam. So where do Primerica scam claims come from. Several places actually. Some claim there is an Primerica scam because they refuse to accept the legitimacy of the network marketing industry. Many make Primerica scam claims because they did not do the necessary work, or develop the skills necessary to succeed with Primerica, so they feel they fell victim to an Primerica scam. Just not true. Bottom line is this, you have to treat network marketing like a business, and put in the time and effort, invest in your business and yourself, and develop the skills necessary to succeed…..especially marketing. Start learning how to generate leads, and forget about the Primerica scam claims. mlmleads.meetmichaelobrien.com


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  1. PFSBUZZ says:

    @Juanita Cusack – Very nice. I like the site!
    w? w w. the-truths-on-primerica. com

  2. Devon Nicholson says:

    Primerica is great, but most people don’t know how to market, so they hit up their friends and family.

    Some people manage to build a team but then end up going around Wal-Mart, the mall, & Starbucks talking to random strangers trying

    to build a business…

    That’s like watching a movie on a? VHS tape instead of a Blue Ray Player

    Everything is online folks…

    Learn the “Secret” to sponsoring

    like crazy and earning 100% commissions by visiting:


  3. Punkie2828 says:

    Its? a scam based on what it takes. I tried this bullshit. You basically have to lie to innocent families so they pay for your stupid ass insurance plan.

  4. Alan Peralta says:

    Hey guys I used to work for Primerica and it didn’t go as good for me. Go to my Youtube Channel I recently got involved into another Networking Marketing company known as MCA Motor Club of America find out how I just finished paying off my College Loan in? a month !! please SUBSCRIBE 🙂

  5. Juanita Cusack says:

    w w w. the-truths-on-primerica. com. Trust? me.

  6. Quan pham van says:

    tested and? working 😛

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