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www.worldclasswordpresswebsites.com Video Marketing is the most cost effective marketing strategy available today. [1] Optimized Video Our optimization formula includes: Tags, Title, Keywords & Description with a clear (CTA) Call-to-Action. [2] Pay for Performance System No Fee until your video is ranked on page 1 of Google for your targeted keyword phrase. [3] Exclusive Geography A limit of 1 optimized video per market and service area (25 mile radius). [4] Lightening Fast Results [Leads] You don’t pay us a dime until we get your video ranked on page 1 of Google usually in less than 48 hours. www.ferreemoney.com [5] Targeted Web Traffic Each video is optimized for your targeted keyword phrase and your geo-targeted City. [6] No Long Term Contract A Month-to-Month Agreement. You can cancel at any time and you get 1st right of renewal. [7] Total Turn-Key System We do all the heavy lifting. We provide the audio, video & images. You provide us with a URL & Phone # www.ferreemoney.com [8] Massive Traffic [Leads] Google Organic gets 8x times as many clicks as Google AdWords and at a fraction of the Cost. [9] per Day vs. per Click Video Ranker is cost effective. Most competitive DDS AdWords cost well over per Click. www.worldclasswordpresswebsites.com Want to find out if you City and Keyword Phrase is Available? Social Media Marketing Plus 1827 Greenfield Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90025 424-248-5122 | 310-294-9840 www.ferreemoney.com info@ferreemoney.com


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