Optimizing Your Blog For Traffic

This Video Teaches You How You Can Optimize Your Trend Blogging Blog For Massive Traffic. These Are Blogger Tips (specifically) But Would Apply To Other Blogs As Well.
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  19. followfolloweverton says:

    Where is the next video “How I got the traffic? to my site”?

  20. zazaodh says:

    Great video, although a better way to have a blank? blog title is to go to Settings, Basic and then with the Title field selected press Alt+0160 ensuring that Num Lock is ON. This gives you a space, even though a normal space doesn’t work!

    The only problem is you have to add your header first, as it will not work on the Edit Header page… although you can always come back and do it again under Settings.

    Thanks for all the videos 🙂

  21. pkjaya2003 says:

    hey…very important tips. Thanks? alot man. Great video. Btw…many people say that to make money via adensense or affliate marketing, it is better to use wordpress but i see here that you work with blogger (which is great coz its free and adsense ready). Any diffrence or comments on this?

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