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The Course – offlinemarketingproreview.org My Blog – offlinemarketingproreview.org WHAT OFFLINE MARKETING PRO CLAIMS TO DO .. Reveals how to join forces with businesses desperate for your help and land huge up-front cash sums for little effort… Shows you how to amaze your prospects with a stunningly effective follow up strategy (…and no you don’t have to make any phone calls if you don’t want to!) Helps you deploy a unique marketing strategy to blow clients’ socks off and get them desperate to work with you… Uncovers how to follow up and present your plan to prospects without any face-to-face meetings or uncomfortable schmoozing… Lets you scoop up gigantic up-front payments with little work on your part. (Plus how to use their resources to do most of the work for you). WHAT’S IN THE OFFLINE MARKETNG PRO PACKAGE Main Guide – 9 chapters Introduction Chapter 1 Strategy Overview Chapter 2: Choosing a Marketing Strategy to Sell Chapter 3: Finding Your Clients Chapter 4: The Approach Letter Chapter 5: Schedule the Presentation Chapter 6: Make Your Sales Presentation Chapter 7: Summarize the Deal Chapter 8: Complete Contract and Collect Payment Chapter 9: Carry Out the Campaign Conclusion Document Library – 8 documents Includes scripts for you to use or simply give those to whom you outsource the Also comes with the exact letters, contracts, and documents you need to send to clients at every point in the process 10 Step Blueprint The blueprint give an actionable
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  1. 24kojiful says:

    there’s so many types of marketing. how do i know what will i get, internet marketing, relationship marketing, print advertising and etc. i dont know. may i ask a question, what course did you get when? you become college? i know its business marketing but what type of marketing? pls reply. thank you.

  2. jignesh3305 says:

    nice? one………

  3. VIDIVOcom says:

    very good, informative, and? effective…. great job

  4. SetupBiz says:

    Just purchased myself a copy! Thanks? for the review!

  5. BrittPhillips says:

    Local offline advertising is often overlooked as a great form of effective promotion for any business.? I’ve used this method with great results many times over the years. If you’re looking for a free way to advertise your business to 10,000 people locally this might be just what you’re lookng for.

    I also love the fact that every time I’ve used this method I’ve made sevral hundred in a few days PLUS got my own ad(s) out to 10,000 local people for FREE!

    GuaranteedWayToMakeMoney [dot] com

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