Not Getting Noticed Online? Quick Exercise

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  1. wildpianoman16 says:

    Lisa, I have decided to put off my original debt riddance topic to embrace my passion for political music, politics and music together. This is an update. I’ve completed day four of the SBI action guide and I’m happy to report that my monetization mix or plan is completed. Now to refine my topic and domain in day 5. Just as a word of truth to other SBIers. Don’t rush the process. It has taken me five months to craft the site this far. I am well on my? way though to success by the end of college.

  2. RyanSamek09 says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I’m making a website on Chicago which is going to be a travel guide to Chicago. I have lived in Chicago for 20 years and know the city very well and I love? the topic. Do you think travel guide websites are a good idea? Can I make it work? thank you for your advice.


  3. Super2moms says:

    I appreciate this useful knowledge about try this to be an effective marketer. I? have watched your videos over and over and have learned a lot. Thank you.

  4. linsildiedar says:

    This is the video that motivates me the most. thank you so much!?

  5. MrWealthGuru says:

    I really respect Lisa.. I make my own make money online type videos and I can admit i don’t personally think I make as good of videos a lisa. I? still however think my videos and my website have some very valid information…just my thoughts.. Great job lisa

  6. webhostingsreview says:

    One again lisa i? must say very good video this is so important.

  7. adamwofficial says:

    traffic…key to success online. nice video, keep ’em? coming

  8. aikensdon says:

    I know this is super late, but I? completely agree with you Lisa, I actually took the time to jot down 5 strategies that set me apart and surprisingly they are strategies that have been my foundation but I’ve sort of strayed away from them as of recent. Thanks for the tips.

    They never get old obviously

  9. Yahcna says:

    Excellent? Info!

  10. lisa3876 says:

    @francalaire Also, Site Build It! is only an option which is clearly stated on my site. I also recommend $3/month hosting for do-it-yourselfers. And just FYI, many SBI customers are ex “cheap” hosting customers and actually love it because they realize the value is in the training. It’s not for everyone but it’s an option. Some people love it, some people don’t.? But it’s an option and I am not ashamed to be affiliated with the company since I also use the product.

  11. lisa3876 says:

    It’s really too bad you only see half the story. If you spent any time on my forum you’d see me helping people with their sites for FREE and giving advice with no affiliations. I won’t even go into how many emails I answer per week? helping people with broken HTML code and other website problems. I don’t have to do this, but I do because I enjoy helping. There’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing when you’re honest. I’m sorry you only see one side of what I do. 🙁

  12. hbcali20 says:

    hmmm. . After being hit hard with unemployment; hence the recent 4″america unemployed”vids i just posted on my account. . I must say that i am taking some interest in all this. Especially since i have looked into online money making. One huge? prob now is that i cant afford a computer or internet. Hmmmm..

  13. akumie says:

    Well I have many sites and I
    -Do youtube commercials about them
    -Try and always have unique content
    -Responding to people as much as I can (some places take weeks to respond)
    -Add my link ass signtature whenever I can
    -Add my site to ass many? homepages as I can

    Once I get views I might start with chat or something

  14. DarkStar1O9 says:

    money, money,? money….gratz on your success!!

  15. Thohon says:

    1. I do YouTube 2. I don’t think there is many People who do more Forum posting than me. 3. I interact a lot with my readers and viewers. 4. I? make tutorials on what people need. 5. I do tutorials on Photoshop and Lightroom not just one or the other

  16. lisa3876 says:

    Hi Jin, I actually started making money online while I was in college studying business management. But no, you don’t need a degree to do this. Having said that, I’m glad I still have a degree. It can never hurt and I have no regrets about finishing up my degree (even? though I knew this was eventually going to be my full time job) Why not make a website but continue your education in the process? That’s what I did.

  17. jintaiyen777 says:

    Hi Lisa. You’re doing great! Keep it up! My name is Jin. I’m 19 years old. Did you go to college? Do you have to be in college to make a living? I’m not interested? in college! However, my family and co-workers says that I will not succeed if I don’t attend. I love Video Gaming, Yugioh Cards, Hip-Hop, Collecting, Weight-Lifting, Healthy Lifstyle, etc. What should I do? I am thinking about making a website and blogging about this.

  18. pwrpigz1 says:

    You are a breath of fresh air! I luv ya! Keep it up!!!!!?

  19. AdamBirty says:

    Lisa, i? added you a friend, because i have a few questions to ask you, i promise im not going to spam your mailbox or anything, but youtube told me i must add you as a friend to message you. If you dont wanna add me, this is fine, but if you could contact me in some form that would nice 🙂 thanks Lisa, your video’s are very helpfull 🙂

  20. snookiecollins says:

    I totally agree w/’BarefootRadio’…
    Everyone is always trying to sell, sell, sell – make that money.
    But helping others will always have its own rewards. As my grandma believed & taught me – Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…
    What you give out? to the world, will come back to you tenfold.
    And, help others & treat them w/kindness-respect & it will be returned to you in kind.
    Grandmothers always have the BEST sayings & advice, dont they! =)
    Peace & Love,

  21. positivemagic62773 says:

    Thanks Lisa! And that is a great? hairdo by the way. Love it! Isabella

  22. BarefootRadio says:

    You also give information for free. That sets you apart in my book. You could put all your info in a book and try to sell it as many do, but you manage to give out so much great info for free and I think that? really distinguishes you. 😉

  23. 7springstone says:

    Lisa I am so glad that you are sharing with everyone, you have helped me so much. Thanks, Smiles and? Roses

  24. tazer40 says:

    Do you perform any keyword research, also how many visitors do you receive per keyword or just about. (You should point out that some sites are destined to get less traffic just based? on search demand,that would really help if you just could say that on record)

    My final question, the website that ranks #1 in google for Barack Obama would automatically garner 1 million visitors a day possibly right? (you have to admit I ask the best questions out of all your subscribers) 🙂

  25. aaholcombe says:

    thanks? for the great advise

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